Jean Stepnoski (25 Oct 2015)
"Kristallnacht Anniversary 77: 2 Calendar Dates on 10-27 and 11-9: For Lynette"

Dear Lynette and Doves,
   Thank you Lynette for reminding us about the spiritual sea change event  known as Kristallnacht, "Night of Broken Glass" or "Night of Crystal" or ""Reichskristallnacht" or "Novemberpogrome" in 1938 in Germany, annexed Austria, and parts of Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. It occurred on Cheshvan 15 that year which was November 9-10. This year Cheshvan 15 begins sunset on October 27, a Tuesday, the midst of the Menorah day, the day 4  of the Scriptural Week. Some of the most important "Days of Noah" were the dates of Cheshvan 10 to 17. So the calendar date remembered on the Hillel Calendar will be on October 27 evening, 14 days earlier than November 9 evening on the Gregorian Calendar.. As much as people are wondering if there will be a meeting between President and Prime Minister near the later Anniversary Date 77 on November 9, let us REMEMBER THE EARLIER Anniversary Date 77.  In the Scriptures 7 is a number to signify completion. The number 77 is a double, which intensifies the meaning.
   Some historians believe that "the Holocaust" really began with the horrific and terrifying events of Kristallnacht. I have written about this event every year for 5 years now at five doves because I believe it is so very important. This year the Hillel Calendar Anniversary 77 will be 3 days before All Hallows Eve on October 30 as Cheshvan 17 ends! That in itself is eerie and worth noting since Halloween is the premier Luciferian/Satanic Holiday of any year. The 7 day period of preparation to All Hallows Eve/Halloween is significant. The following are resources to learn more about Kristallnacht: and and and
   This brief overview is from "In one night 1350 synagogues were burned to the ground or destroyed, over 91 Jews were killed: 30,000 Jews were thrown into concentration camps: 7000 businesses were destroyed; and thousands of Jewish homes were ransacked. Germany did not produce plate glass at that time, and it took Belgium's total plate glass production about 6 months to replace all the windows that were broken. To top everything off, the Jews were charged 1 billion Deutsch Marks to pay for all the damages. Every town, every place had its little "shteibel." Germany was filled with beautiful old synagogues that had been there for centuries, and overnight it all went up in flames. The Jews finally got the message: it was time to leave. But...where to go?"
   What were the answers for Jews of where to go? There were railroad "cattle cars" to concentration camps with fake shower/extermination chambers, or labor camps. Torture, cruelty, murders, crematoria. It was crystal, broken glass, which was the SYMBOL the Nazis used to RELEASE the cruelty, the sadism, the horror, and the terror. The 7 long years of increasing evil and wickedness from 1938-1945 began on Cheshvan 15: one of the premiere Days of Noah from Cheshvan 10 to 17. What will Cheshvan 15 be like in 2015? What will Cheshvan 10 to 17, October 22 to 30, be like in 2015? "As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the son of man be." Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,