Fay (25 Oct 2015)

Video clip re history of Constantine. How accurate.........? Who knows. It gives a glimpse as to how humanity has been deceived and played by satan. Forgive me Father God, but it makes me so angry. I feel like a deceived wife. Drawn into this tunnel of deception, betrayal, lies, murder, war.........horror. I read the history of both World wars and find it horrifying. This watchman job is making me neurotic. The more I delve and observe, the more rotten and revolting stuff is revealed. URRRGGH. Like digging to the smelly end of one's compost heap. It's becoming more difficult to retain equilibrium.

PLEASE come soon, LORD Jesus. We are struggling. It's getting beyond our job description. Perhaps I speak for myself, LORD and others have more strength and perseverance. We have seen J.R. Church pass on 22nd March 2011 - 11 days after the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Just prior to that we had the pale green horse film footage in Egypt and the stunning light descending on the Temple Mount . What does it all mean? Where is it leading? We are groping in the dark- reaching out for clues like blind men. Arguing with each other  - as gently as possible. When all we want to do is scream at the injustice of it all. How long until You come and make it all better? How much further horror do we have to observe? I know Job had to go through way more harrowing stuff. I know the Jewish people were starved and butchered during the holocaust. I know the Apostle Peter was crucified upside down and that Stephen was stoned to death. I know that there are worse things than sitting and waiting - as we are. But still, I beg of You to come soon. I have not lost one ounce of my faith - but am so sad. Why do you tarry?

I love you LORD. I miss you.

Undeniable Evidence Scripture was Modified- Secret of Secrets