Dan Bruce (25 Oct 2015)
"Books on Bible prophecy and chronology"

Dear Friends,
The Prophecy Society of Atlanta is pleased to make available at no charge to religion professionals its four most popular books on prophecy and chronology.
BOOK 1 - DANIEL UNSEALED, explaining the interpretations of the seven chrono-specific predictive prophecies in chapter 4 and chapters 7-12 of the Book of Daniel to 21st-Century Christians and Jews. This exposition, based on the fulfillment of the chrono-specific prophecy in Daniel 8:14---a key event prophesied in Daniel that occurred in Jerusalem in 1967, thus unsealing the sealed prophecies in Daniel for understanding---makes all previous expositions of Daniel obsolete.
BOOK 2 - SACRED CHRONOLOGY OF THE HEBREW KINGS, a harmonization of the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah that replaces the outdated and erroneous kings chronology found in all modern commentaries and study Bibles. It corrects the Thiele chronology used in academia that assumes error in the biblical text and instead uses secular Assyrian chronology to align the reigns of the Hebrew kings. It demonstrates that the Bible's chronology is more accurate than the secular Assyrian chronology.
BOOK 3 - PROOF OF GOD, hard Evidence for 21st Century Skeptics (offering an accurate exposition of the chrono-specific predictive prophecy in Daniel, chapter 8).
BOOK 4 - HE IS THE ONE, proof from the Hebrew Scriptures that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah (offering what we feel is the finest available exposition of the "Seventy Weeks" in Daniel, chapter 9).
All four books are available for DOWNLOAD IN PDF FORMAT AT NO CHARGE from our website at: http://www.prophecysociety.org/wordpress/?page_id=8056
We trust that you will enjoy adding these books to your digital library, and that you will eventually use them to update and, if necessary, correct the way the chrono-specific prophecies in the Book of Daniel and the Bible's kings chronology in the Old Testament are being taught at your institution.
Best regards,
Dan Bruce
The Prophecy Society
Atlanta, Georgia