Charles Holler (25 Oct 2015)
"11-11-15 Don't be caught unaware"

Greetings John and Doves,
    I just need to say if anyone missed Ron Reese's all encompassing post from October 11th, 2015, I've enclosed a link below. This post in its entirety shows hows 11-11-15 is very possibly the day the New World Order takes America out and becomes what is known as the Day of Destruction. I urge you to not pre-judge this until you have read all the pieces so you have enough information to make a proper judgement. Please pray before reading and ask The Lord for confirmation. There are to many events happening to disregard it. Don't let the September 23, 2015 (apparent non-event) trick you into not receiving this. Let Jesus and The Holy Spirit be your teacher and guide as you pray over this. You will then want to forward it to anyone the Lord leads you to.
Charles Holler Sr

Dozens of Puzzle Pieces Point us DIRECTLY to ELEVEN ELEVEN of 2015!!!