Angela Goodrick (18 Oct 2015)
"Will US forces be sent to the Temple Mount ?"

John and Doves,

Due to the increased violence in Jerusalem, France told the Security Council at the UN that international "observers" should be sent to the Temple Mount.

Danny Danon, Israel's newly appointed  ambassador to the UN, said that Israel will Never accept International "Forces" at the Temple Mount.

Jordanian Security Forces, appointed by the Waqf, has not been sufficient in keeping the peace.

Netanyahu wants the US to back up the fact that Israel has been trying to maintain the peace, to "preserve the status-quo at the Temple Mount".
So now we see the US and Israel as a team here.

The US and Israel do NOT want International Forces at the Temple Mount.

So.... if local security forces aren't sufficient, and International Forces are refused, that leaves only one option left: US forces.

Please see Matthew 24:15 and Luke 21:20 regarding the significance of troops in Jerusalem. It is highly significant.

This event is explained in more detail at:

Events are accelerating at a faster speed. Let's keep watching closely. Mark 13:37
In Him,
Angela Goodrick