TH (12 Oct 2014)

               The SPIRITUAL JOURNEY with the HOLY SPIRIT

      When you finally HEAR HIS VOICE, what happens next? Where do you go
from there? Actually it's not so much as to where YOU go, but rather where HE
TAKES YOU in your continued willingness to let HIM LEAD you. Now that HE is
in charge, HE becomes the ULTIMATE PLANNER, not you. You would do well to
yield your future to HIM, after all, we do not own tomorrow do we.  It belongs to
HIM and we TRUST HIM COMPLETELY to GUIDE US to where HE wants us to go.
As we "talk" with the HOLY SPIRIT, we grow in HIM and HE in us. Gradually, a
certain familiarity and comfort develops along with an increase of TRUST between
you and HIM that results in a genuine FRIENDSHIP. We go from milk to meat, so to
speak, and the result is that your conscience thought begins to be HIS responses
even though you feel it's you that is forming your thoughts but it's actually HIM
putting HIS thoughts into your conscience choices....(sound confusing?)  It isn't,
if you think about it for a minute. Think of it this sort of "meld" HIM into
your mind's "Voice" but you KNOW that it is HIM giving you HIS thoughts
that seem to be yours but you (from your long time and deep relationship with HIM)
realize they're HIS because of the inerrant correctness of the wisdom of the words
coming from "your" mind that couldn't possibly your own. We aren't that smart. HE
will impress even those who think of themselves as being "very intelligent" LOL !
Actually a child-like attitude is much more successful and usually develops faster
than those with a high opinion of their own "wisdom".  Oh yeah, HE humbles the
proud when ever HE deals with them.  Oh, and a word from experience, HE has a
terrific sense of Humor, which also serves to validate it's really HIM that's speaking.
       Have you ever heard of the term "automatic writing"? Supposedly, you go into
a "trance" and you write down things you're not aware of or thinking
some "other force"* is doing it through you.....or something lIke that. Anyway, in our
case, the HOLY SPIRIT becomes that "force" in our thinking if we want HIM to be,
and who wouldn't want HIM and HIS INFLUENCE running our lives? HE is TRUE TO
HIS PROMISES.....HE WILL LEAD if you want HIM TO !   And remember, HE is NOT
a "Part Time" Shepherd.  It's all or nothing in HIS capacity as SHEPHERD.
            The opportunity is offered to us.  Will you take HIM up on it ?

                 MARANATHA !                                                      *demonic

                       T H