Steve (19 Oct 2014)
"The Doctrine of Distribution"

Greetings All -

My sincere thanks again for your encouragement and prayers.  For those who may not have noticed, I'm posting daily on my blog as a sort of ramp-up to a new podcast I am planning.  While I'm still very much engaged with the events of these "last days," it very much appears to me that the sand has pretty much run out in the hourglass.  In other words, we could be departing - one way or the other - literally any day now.  This is not a cause for fear or cowering, or for "hiding out" as the tribulation escalates.  Rather, it's a time for focused spiritual preparation, for boldness, and for confidence.

With that in view - the idea that we only have a little time left to lay up treasure in Heaven (as we are commanded!), I am discussing the doctrine of distribution.  I want US ... we in our little Anakypto coterie ... to be the richest people in heaven.  Believe me, I don't think there's much competition.

Having said that, please check out my new series (I began with an item called "The Ultimate Prepper" which was posted last Thursday) and feel free to post or forward the links as you see fit.

The Ultimate Prepper

The End At The Beginning

What Is A Doctrine?

I will post a fourth installment on Monday.  I'm not yet settled on when the broadcast will resume.

Thanks in advance.  I fully expect to see you all SOON!

Very best,