Sara Reynolds (26 Oct 2014)
"Charging up cell phones with wearable jewelry from your veins"

What is going on here?  We are getting so much closer to the mark of the beast.  Read the article below.

Provided by Refinery29

Would you wear jewelry that was inserted into your veins? Would you charge your iPhone from your eyeballs? Would you use your spine to supercharge your smartphone and accessorize on girls' night out? These are the exact questions that design studentNaomi Kizhner wants us to answer with a resounding "yes." She's crafted a trio of jewelry devices that harness energy from human bodies.

In "Energy Addicts," her final project for grad school, she presents three ways that you can adorn your body and feed your device addiction (hence the name). There's the E-Pulse Conductor, which draws its energy from activity near the spine, and is embellished with gold and clear casings. There's the Blood Bridge, flanked by hypodermic needles and equipped with a hydro micro turbine, for harvesting energy from the veins in the forearm. And, there's the Blinker, which sits between the eyes and pulls its resources from those batting lashes. The project, which Kizhner herself describes as "speculative" on her site, ventures to say that should we run out of battery power, to fear not. The power's been with us all along. Click through for a look at these designs and let us know what you think in the comments below. Welcome to the (possible) future. (The Higher Learning)

This is very serious.  Would the pieces of jewelry try to fool the crowd to hide the fact that there is indeed a microchip embedded underneath the skin?  Or what if the piece of jewelry be implanted under the skin to blind those that are lost that the chip is undetectable except through x-ray and CT scan?  Any feedback?