Richard Armstrong (26 Oct 2014)
"" Count down ""

Hi John and Doves. Just thought i'd give you info i received from above. I was sitting in the living room here in Cabot, Arkansas and a soft spirit said to me 1234 count down has started. I've been seeing 12:34 and 2:34 for over a year. I've been hearing trumpets and jewish music in my bedroom for over a year. My husband has heard the music. We've been thinking we are going crazy.Ha Also seen the flashes of light. Makes me think of nukes. Some are saying Angels. On some of the other webs. Course i've seen like crazy 1:11 and etc. Knocking and banging on my doors. Noone is there!   We are out in the country. Windows are faceing woods and one house. Noahs days are here again no doubt. Waiting and watching! Return soon! Your country friends, The Armstrongs. We love our friends the Doves and John Tng.