Rene (19 Oct 2014)
"Houston Pastors ORDERED to Turn Over Their Sermons to Gov't!!!!"

This is no joke!
Houston pastors have been ordered to turn their sermons over to a court so that
they can be examined and find out if they are speaking against homosexuality!
This is the LAST STRAW for "freedom of speech". I guess you know that?!!
This case should have been laughed out of court, but the fact that it is given
ANY credence at all tells you how far we have slipped from our liberties and the
Constitution of the U.S.  I wonder if they are going to try this with the
Imams in the mosques? Do you think it will go over with them like it is with
the Christians?!!!  Contact your State Senators - the entire Congress and
Senate of the US should be ALARMED at this event! It is ludicrous! Remain
silent and 5 years down the road, we will ALL be silenced from any freedom
of speech just as they are in Great Britain and the same way Canada is turning!
It is time to get out of the 501C churches (which are OWNED by the government)
and start forming HOUSE churches where there is NO government oversight!!!!