Rene (19 Oct 2014)
"to KML - re: What in HELL is Happening?"

KML - U R right.
It is also written that:
The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God --- Ps: 9:17
We have forgotten God as a nation. As a nation, we have kicked him out of our schools, our courts and our governments. We have flaunted our sins in his face, we have danced before him in gay PRIDE parades, we have sacrificed (aborted) our babies on the altar of covetness, 50 million of them, and their blood cries out to him, so HE will sacrifice us with a great slaughter; we have exported our sins to the rest of the world (thanks to our godless president and his vile administration) we have turned our backs on Israel and are feverishly trying to divide up HIS LAND, we have forsaken his word (King James Bible) and accepted cursed substitute Bibles that attack his deity, the virgin birth and the trinity; we have promoted whore-mongering and drug addiction; we  (the church) have been mostly silent and not spoken out against all of this. We, as a nation, have disregarded his judgments and warnings (Katrina, countless animal deaths washing onto our shores, falling from the skies, rivers & lakes turning blood red, epic floods and tornadoes, comets, blood moons, etc. etc.) His blessings have been withdrawn from us. We are seeing America being turned into hell. Read the history of Israel in the Old Testament when they forgot God. After he kills animals off and the crops and holds back the rain, then HE starts killing off the people. That is what happens in the Great Tribulation and it is at the door! We are feeling the beginnings of God's wrath, and for those of us who belong to HIM, JESUS is our only hope! HE faced God's wrath for us!
Do YOU know him?