Randy (12 Oct 2014)
"THINGS ARE HEATING UP !!  Have you heard of the Divine Calendar ??  (Follow me on Facebook for posting)"

Did you ever hear of the "DIVINE CALENDAR?" I stumbled across this a number of years ago and it BLEW MY MIND!! There is a FREE Book Download on the website, or just Goggle "Divine Calendar." The author does an INCREDIBLE job to see all ...the "overlays" of dates between the Hebrew Calendar (the Jewish Calendar) and the Gregorian Calendar (the one we use today).

Just a couple examples:
1) In Jewish year 1948.... (Jewish calendar starts at year ZERO and counts up.) ..... Abraham was born. OK...and WHAT HAPPENED IN Gregorian Calendar, year 1948 (ad) ??? The Jewish State of Israel was born.

2) In Jewish year 2018, EXACTLY 70 YEARS after Abraham's birth) God made a COVENANT with Abraham. OK...and WHAT "MAY" HAPPEN IN Gregorian Calendar, year 2018 and Jewish Year 5778??? Could it be "the year of divine Peace... ???

3) Did you know that King David lived 70 years? At the CENTER POINT of his life, age 35, it was Jewish Year 2889. IF you take Jewish Year 5778 (in 2018) and DIVIDE IT BY 2...you get Jewish Year 2889.. OH COULD IT BE.....that the CENTER POINT OF KING DAVID'S LIFE was also....THE CENTER POINT OF THE LENGTH OF MAN'S EXISTANCE ON EARTH ????? And that means WHAT about the Rapture? It means IT MUST BE SOON !!!!

So IF Jewish year 5778 (our year 2018) is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT somehow in God's "Divine Calendar" ....

1) Is 5778 / 2018 the year of the Rapture? (Recognize, Jewish Year 5778 STARTS on Rosh Hashanah in Sept 2017....and runs UP TO Rosh Hashanah Sept 2018......)

2) Is 5778 / 2018 the MID POINT of the Tribulation??? IF IT IS......(subtract 3-1/2 years and.....) we are on the DOORSTEP of the Pre-Trib Rapture then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ticcccc Toccccc !!!
YFIC,  Randy
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