Pastor Bob (26 Oct 2014)
""All Roads Lead to Rome -15""

All Doves:

I am going to conclude this series of posts on "All Roads Lead to Rome" with a number of final remarks about the truth versus the myths Americans are under.  Its not because there is nothing more to add to this; to the contrary, there is much much more.  The proof of what I have been saying was revealed in the late Congressman James Traficant's address on the House of Representatives floor on March 17th, 1993.  Its only been a decade since Congressman Traficant unveiled the truth that has been hidden from the public eye for the better part of seventy years.  Neither you nor I had any role in what led to this massive criminal takeover of the USA. 

Our federal government went bankrupt and was surrendered to foreign creditors in 1933, and ceased all sovereign operations. The federal government of the USA now ONLY acts as "agents" for its foreign masters.  You and I owe our allegiance to our foreign masters. 

You were volunteered into this system.  It is a done deal.  If you have a Birth Certificate and a Social Security Number, you are "collateral" to the Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.  Remember the history of land rights to Washington, DC.  In the past, Emperors claimed their rule was "divine authority" and that the Pope delegates divine authority.  The Holy Alliance of  May 15th, 1213 was a treaty between King John of England (some called him James), conveying all rights, titles, and interests to England's lands to the Holy Roman See.  The Kings of England were indebted to Rome for their wealth, power and authority.  England and the English colonies belonged to the Roman Catholic Church. 

In 1452 AD, Pope Nicolas V. issued a Papal Bull called the "Doctrine of Discovery".  Spain's King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were Roman Catholic Monarchs who funded Christopher Columbus.  Columbus went forth to declare lands and inhabitants of the New World as property of the Roman Catholic Church.  Have you every wondered why Columbus Day is celebrated in the USA, with the closing of all government offices, banks, the bond market, and post offices?   There is a connection and I will let you think about its meaning.  Beyond these specific closings, various major cities around the country vary in their level of celebration.  Over the years, going back to the 18th Century, there have been efforts to eradicate its public or formal observance.  This effort was lead by those believing that it supported expansion of Catholic influence with the Roman Catholic Knights of Columbus.  The fact of the matter is that Columbus never set foot on North American soil.  He went ashore in what we know as the Bahama Islands, a British Crown colony southeast of Florida.

On May 3rd, 1493, Pope Alexander VI, issued a 'Bull' declaration, that extended Spain's rights to the New World.  Since Spain's rights came from the Pope and supposedly Columbus's last journey to the New World, he carried a copy of the Pope's 'Bull' with him.  Thus, Rome claimed the new world through both Spanish and English roots.

With the Act of Supremacy of 1534, vested in the King's power to declare and punish heresy, King Henry VIII, burned English copies of the Bible.  Tyndale was executed in 1536 for translating the Bible into English.  Queen Elizabeth forbid preaching the Gospel in 1558, and the Bible was banned until King James I authorized his 1611 KJV Bible.  When Queen Mary the 1st was restored to the throne, she burned 300 Protestants who had been excommunicated by the Pope.

Roman Catholics began to settle in Maryland, a refuge for Catholics in the New World.  The belief was not as much as a refuge but an avenue to expand and promulgate Roman Catholicism in the New World.  After the Revolutionary War, King George III and Benjamin Franklin signed 'The Treaty of Paris' in 1783.  This Treaty permitted the USA to exist, but also permitted the King to collect on his interests in the Colonies.  Furthermore, it acknowledged the King George retained his title over the Holy Roman Empire and the United States as 'Arch Treasurer' and 'Prince Elector'  This little but hugely significant bit of history is not taught in elementary or high schools in America, even to this day. 

Congress somehow knew that when they passed the 'Residence Act' of July 16th, 1790, that a large tract of land along the Potomac River would become available.  Right on schedule, on March 30th, 1791, seventeen Maryland landowners led by the Roman Archbishop John Carroll, signed agreements with President George Washington, to essentially donate, at an under-priced amount, sell the land which became to be Washington, DC.  A state's border is not changed just because someone sells the property.  Washington, DC is still located on Maryland soil.  Maryland even kept Washington, DC from freeing its slaves in 1850.  The Maryland state charter even stipulated that exports were to go exclusively to England.  By rights, the Roman Catholic Church has a legitimate claim to anything attached to Washington, DC.

Jesuit Georgetown University was founded in 1789 by Jesuit Bishop John Carroll, on land destined and donated to become Washington, DC.  The Carroll family motto on their coat-of-arms was changed at this time to "Liberty in All Things" to infer at the time it was permissible to kill Protestants.  Washington, DC is 'land cession' from Maryland.  'Cession' is not the word 'ceded'.  The word 'cession' is used in the US Constitution at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 for the government acquisition of Washington, DC.  "Cession" is an ecclesiastical law meaning "vacating a benefice without proper dispensation".  "Benefice" is defined in 'Black's Law Dictionary' as "a term derived from feudal law, in which it signified a permanent ... estate held by feudal tenure". 

The Original States are considered Church property, and Maryland was a Catholic State.  If the Pope did not properly vacate the "Benefice" known as Washington, DC, then the Pope still had a legitimate claim to this permanent estate held by feudal tenure (and all property attached to it, and all future income from that property.  We known that later, the 10-square mile District of Columbia was deeded over to the Roman Catholic Church as compensation for the $60-million of Vatican gold supplied to the Union and Confederacy conflict, subsequent to the Civil War conflict. 

President William Clinton, a graduate of Georgetown University, stated in his nomination speech, considerable praise for his mentor Professor Carroll Quigley,  On page 950 of Professor Quigley's book 'Tragedy and Hope' you will find this statement by Dr. Quigley.  "The individual's freedom and choice will be controlled within very narrow alternatives, by the fact that he will be numbered from birth ... and followed as a number through his educational training, his required military or other service, his tax contributions, his health and medical requirements, and his final retirement and death benefits."   Note the term "that he will be numbered from birth"  Professor Quigley was the historical archivist for the Illuminati for two years, and furthermore, he was all in favor of a world global government.  He was all for publicly being out in the open about the planned global government, and disagreed with insiders about their maintaining secrecy of their goals.  Professor Quigley was 100% in favor of the Illuminati's plan to establish a global government.  While his book is dry reading, it revealed the grand plan to bring about what we are seeing coming to pass.  The "Mark" of the Beast could not be more real in future history than what the Bible has to say in Revelation 13:16-18.  Professor Quigley's remarks in his book laid out the future plan which the Bible wrote about nearly two millennia ago. 

I might add here a point that all military personnel today use their social security number (SSN) as their military ID (SN)  number.  Prior to July 1st, 1969, all military personnel used a military service number, one for enlisted personnel and one for officers.  I still can repeat my number today, even receiving it on July 5, 1956.  Conversion to the use of the social security number began July 1st, 1969 and by late 1974 the process was completed.  This was part of the administrative efforts to bring about uniformity and conformity of a single number, the SSN, as a life-time number as Dr. Quigley wrote about.  I do not know how this works today in compliance with the Geneva Convention Treaty, in which a captured US military person is required only to give three things to his captor:  Name, Rank and Service Number.  Even by this, Dr. Quigley's remarks, the changeover to the SSN for military personnel, we can see this evolution of global government, little by little, increment by increment.  That SSN will be incorporated in your 'Real ID' driver's license, to become implemented in a couple of months.

Standing high atop the US Capitol Dome is the goddess "Minerva" wearing a Crown decorated with a five-pointed pentagrams.  This Statute was made in ROME by American artist/sculptor Thomas Crawford.  

When the United States of America filed bankruptcy in 1933, it ceased independent sovereign operations.  All assets of the government were turned over to the foreign bankruptcy receivership, and they operate it.  The foreign receivers chose to continue to operate the government as before, without any change of name.  The public was none the wiser, and the secret of bankruptcy of the USA remained a public secret until March 17th, 1993, at which time the Congressman from Ohio's 17th district, James Traficant, delivered his famous address.  Just as in the case of a business bankruptcy, employees become the subordinates of the new administration.  The only difference is your status is permanent and irrevocable.  In exchange for federal entitlements, the 1936 Conference of Governors agreed to pledge the earnings and earning power of the individuals of each State to overcome the bankruptcy.  The fact is, that bankruptcy has never been overcome.  We are still paying it off with the taxes from the earnings of American citizens. 

The "International Monetary Fund" or IMF for short, is the bankruptcy receivership that administers the USA today.  The Federal Reserve through the US Treasury operated the US government from 1933 until 1945 when the IMF was founded to oversee global financial policies.  There has not been a functioning US Treasury since 1933, but it has been retained in title and administered by the Federal Reserve.  You might believe we have a US Treasury, however, since 1933, it has been a "shell" facade institution.  Title 12, United States Code, Section 95(b) gives the Secretary of the Treasury complete power over you.  His authority has been pre-approved by the Congress in 1933. 

This all may seem strange to the reader, however, the law claims the Secretary of the Treasury's authority from the Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917, as amended.  The 1917 Act regulates and punishes trading with the enemy.  When the USA was conquered by the International creditors in 1933, WE became the new government's "enemy".  The phrase "as amended" in 12 USC 95(b) means that, on March 9th, 1933, domestic operations were removed from the exclusions to the 1917 (40 Stat L. 411, Subdivision "b" of Section 5).  Trading with the enemy has always been illegal.  Prior to March 9th of 1933, domestic transactions were always legal.  Domestic transactions must be legal because civil servants were never delegated the authority to make their masters' transactions illegal.  Again, after 1933, all domestic transactions are illegal. 

There are several other sources that confirms the non-existence of the US Department of Treasury.  Jame Traifcant noted that the "figurehead" Secretary of the Treasury works for the IMF, and is not compensated.  Basically, all he does is sign his name to documents.  He controls us by absolute power pre-approved by Congress.  When you volunteer into his jurisdiction by signing an application for a SSN or by signing an IRS 1040 form, you become subject to his actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders, proclamations, declarations, hereafter. 

The SSN or social security number is issued by a foreign power through the Secretary of the Treasury.  The social security number is not issued by the Social Security Administration, but by the Department of Treasury (which technically does not exist).  The Secretary of the Treasury has no allegiance to the USA, he is an agent of the International Monetary Fund.  This confuses people, thinking we have a Department of the Treasury, when in fact, we have none because we are still in bankruptcy receivership since 1933

Federal Law 22 USC 286a(a) requires the President to appoint the US Governor of the IMF.  This appointment is given to the Secretary of the Treasury.  If the President appoints someone to the an official office required by law, and the position requires him to control you with powers pre-approved by Congress implemented by a Treaty, you would think his salary would be paid by his employer.  However, Title 22 US Code, Section 286a(d)(1) prohibits the US Government from paying the US Governor of the International Monetary Fund.  He is an unpaid Secretary of the US Treasury.  This sort of reminds you of the early western movie sets where the buildings were just store fronts or backdrops for the movie picture cameras.

The US Secretary of the Treasury is the US representative to the IMF.  Furthermore, he also is the US representative to Interpol, and has allegiance to its superiors'.  This duty or function was assigned to his office of US Secretary of the Treasury in 1958.  

The Secretary of the Treasury is to abstain from from advising them in the discharge of their duties.  He cannot give advice, he can only take orders.  He is not really the US representative to the IMF; but rather, he is the IMF manager of the USA.  The Secretary of the Treasury takes orders on how to manage the IMF's property.  You and I are IMF property!

Who do you think issues orders to the US military?  President Obama - NO!  The US Joint Chiefs of Staff - NO!  The Senate or the House of Representatives -  NO.  The US military takes its marching orders from our Jesuit friends in the Vatican through its provincials working out of the Jesuit Georgetown University.  They just do not wear clerical collars and clergy suits.  While inquiring minds might want to know why the USA is the "policeman" of the world, its not because we want to protect the weak and helpless.  Rather, it is about enforcing the will of the Vatican as the Vatican's "enforcers".  I know this is all hard to comprehend and somewhat overwhelming to say the least.  But it is all true. 

Have you ever seen the emblem of Interpol?  It's emblem is a World Globe with a Sword through it.  The Secretary of the Treasury is not an officer of the United States.  It is, of course, prohibited for US officers to act as agents for a foreign principals under 18 US Code (219).  Also, of course, US officers cannot hold office until they take an "Oath of Office" that they will bear true faith and allegiance to support the US Constitution of the United States.  No record can be found of any such administering the "Oath of Office" to Secretaries of the Treasury over the past twenty years.  None whatsoever!

To recap what I have shared so far, you and I, and every American citizen, is the property of a subsidiary of the International Monetary Fund.  The Secretary of the Treasury administers IMF property.  The Secretary of the Treasury has allegiances to foreign powers, and takes his orders from them, not from the citizens of the USA.  The Secretary of the Treasury controls federal "PERSONS" by absolute powers that are already pre-approved by Congress.  No man within his powers may legally buy or sell without his permission.  If you have a social security number/card you have a permanent irrevocable status as a Federal "PERSON".  Sounds like we already have the "Mark" of the Beast.  How long do you think it will be before they require it to be applied to your right hand or forehead?

Forthcoming in the relatively very near future is a National ID Card, known as "Real ID".  Included in page 650 of Public Law 104-208, Part B, Title IV, in with other defense appropriation legislation, as if you were the enemy, requires a National Identification Card.  No one will be able to get a job without one.  This is true, for the first time in history, your government must pre-authorize private employment contracts.  The program will be administered by the same (non-existent) US Department of Treasury.  This will be encoded on your State driver's license, or for those who don't drive, a separate ID Card.  The date for the Real ID has been extended several times due to states dragging their feet or offering up reasons for delay implementation.  Without the "Real ID" you will not be able to fly, enter federal buildings, and a few other details.  According to the Department of Homeland Security, full implementation was to begin earlier this year.  41 states and the District of Columbia have already adopted "Real ID" and 21 states are fully compliant as I write.  When former DHS Director Janet Napolitano, herself a Jesuit-trained Temporal Coadjutor from Jesuit Santa Clara University extended the deadline to December 1, 2014, it was said to be the last delay.  The truth of the "Real ID" is that it is a Real Nightmare!

You and your labor and all your children or future children have been sold.  You are commercial merchandise and your children have been sold.  The GATT Trade Treaty requires SSN's at birth, after November 30, 1996.  I had to look it up for sure because I used to work on the side for H.R. Block, preparing income tax returns during the tax season.  According to a Social Security Administration pamphlet, which contradicts the GATT Trade Treaty, dated February, 1999, which says obtaining a social security number was strictly voluntary.  Not so!  GATT is a Treaty that is with an international political monster that grew out of the European Economic Community (EEC) or the Common Market.  GATT stands for "General Agreement on Trade & Tariffs".  The European Common Market was set up by the Vatican on March 25, 1957, which controls most of the world commerce.  The 1991 Maastrict Agreement was signed by 12 (now 15) European Socialist nations.  The Agreement set up a regional parliament, tribunals, and limits the powers of member nations.

The question why does GATT require your children to have social security numbers at birth remains unanswered, other than to institute a "cradle to the grave" numerical identifying method discussed by Professor Carroll Quigley, former President Clinton's mentor at Georgetown University. 

Under Title 22 of the US Code, their are requirements that require deposits to foreign banks.  If you save past financial records, prior to 1999, and you paid income taxes, look at the cancelled check, you will find that the check's backside endorsement reads:  to the IMF Trust Account in Puerto Rico, also reads "payment for debt obligations of the US".  This is the equivalent of garnishment of your wages by the IRS for student loans or other federal debts.  Your IRS payments do not run the government, they don't even go to Congress for them to decide which bills get paid and in what order.  Your payments are levied (garnished) directly to the bankruptcy receivers, just as you would expect in any bankruptcy.

The tax payments first go to the State's unemployment fund's bank account at the Federal Reserve Bank per Section 904 of the Social Security Act, then to the "UN Bank for Reconstruction and Development" per 22 US Code 286 created by the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1945, then exactly one year later the deposited funds go to the IMF's Rothschild banks, where it is split between the UK Bank of England and the Vatican.  The split of the funds is 40/60 or 40% to the UK Bank of England and 60% to the Vatican.  Note particularly well this paragraph because it is not readily known to the people of this nation.  It has been a major research project to dislodge this information.  I discovered years ago you can't simply ask anyone or any government agency to give you a straight answer to this.  They obfuscate, evade, or further obscure the investigator from discovering the truth.  Discovering the truth became even more an issue of disceit when the Federal Reserve Bank permitted individual banks to stop returning customers their cancelled checks.  You now have to pay at most banks to request a cancelled check, such as a tax payment to the IRS.  Furthermore, navigating through the federal paperwork trail, forms, agencies, all obfuscate and deter anyone from getting a straight answer.  

The Bretton Woods Agreement adopted the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency.  This meant that all oil purchased was paid for in US Dollars.  This meant that nations of the world had to keep on hand, in reserve US Dollars, to pay for their purchase of oil.  The problem has been that the US Federal Reserve has been cheating for years, and began printing excess US Dollars.  The implications of that are ominous for the USA and the US economy since there are several efforts underway at present to unhinge from the Dollar.  For example, Russia and China now trade in their own currencies, bypassing the Dollar.  There are other countries like (the 'BRICS' nations) working on establishing their own equivalent to the IMF.   "BRICS" stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Since President Nixon took the USA off the Gold Standard in 1971, all paper currency is no longer backed by gold or silver, but rather backed by the "Full Faith and Credit" of the USA.  The bullion bank sitting adjacent to the entrance to Fort Knox, KY, is a vault for sure; however, there isn't much in the way of gold stored there.  Its impressive structure, barriers of fences, and appearance of military protection is all one gigantic con on the general public.  Locals reported years ago the convoys of army trucks coming and going at Fort Knox and traveling north up US 31W to Louisville, KY where their contents were loaded aboard US Railway Postal Cars destined to be stored in New York's Federal Reserve Bank. 

The fact that our paper currency has underwent more than a half-dozen design changes since 1913, again further reveals how the public have been robbed of their gold.  The wording, statements, and specifics on US paper currency initially stated redeemable in gold or silver; however, over the ensuing years, they were transformed gradually and subtly so that the masses of people were unaware of their being fleeced by their own government. The meaning of all this is that you and I became collateral for that debt through our labor and taxation. 

The fact is the United Nations is involved in the assigning of social security numbers to newborns and all others as well.  Parents of newborns today simply take for granted that the Social Security Administration has a working relationship with the 5,000 hospitals in America and see that your new baby gets his or her new social security number through the hospital.  Federal regulations deceptively refer to the UN as if it were New York City.  To understand the legal definition of the term 'New York City' as it is used in the 'Code of Federal Regulations' you must understand that the UN has its headquarters in New York City, on land originally donated to the UN by David Rockefeller.  The land upon which the UN is physically located, were the Rockefeller livestock yards that supplied the New York City area with fresh meat.  Furthermore, "United Nations Law Supersedes any Federal, State, or local law within the Headquarters District."  This is based upon a Federal Law known as 22 Title 22, US Code, Section 287(d).  The meaning of this apparently is that New York City is on UN land.

Keeping in mind, New York City is not a State, and it isn't even the capitol of the State, notice how Federal Social Security Regulations refer to New York City (the Headquarters of the UN) as a State: 

    Title 20, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 111, Subpart B 422.103(b)(2): "(2) Birth registration.
SSA may enter into agreement with officials of a State, including for this purpose, the
    District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and New York City, to establish, as
    part of the official birth registration
process, a procedure to assist SSA in assigning social security
    numbers to new born children."

This says that the social security numbers, which have been assigned for seven decades, but now the officials of the United Nations headquarters district can establish a new procedure to assign social security numbers.  Based upon the GATT Treaty, if you have a social security number you are a commodity in foreign exchange or commerce.

According to various legal educators, interpretation of the Social Security Number system, we do not have the right to buy or sell.  All domestic transactions are illegal.  The Secretary of the Treasury (who's allegiance is to foreign powers), is already pre-approved to regulate your transactions.  Your SSN comes from the same authority.  Your new "Real ID" card will be issued by the same authority.  The Roman Catholic Church has a legitimate claim on their property.  By your own authority (signature on a permanent irrevocable record, by you or your mother), you registered yourself into the system.  This registration is somehow regulated by the UN headquarters.  You possess a number of this authority.  You cannot legally buy or sell without the permission by this authority.  The GATT Treaty (with the EEC) requires SSN's at birth.  The EEC was created by the Vatican.  The National Debt is owed to multinational banking cartels.  These cartels were established by Roman Catholic Crusaders.  Your National Debt cannot be paid off.  your future labor has been hypothecated as collateral for the National Debt, and has been seized. 

In my bibliography to this series, the reader has been offered an extremely comprehensive collection of books that I have owned and read over the course of thirty+ years.  Many are accessible on the Internet as PDF documents, FREE for the asking.  Others are still in print and available for purchase.  I repeat a statement that I have made before, and that is there is no better slave than the one who believes he is free.  There is so much more that I could share with the reader but I close out with this segment of the series.  Anyone with a half a brain can see that we have been sold out by our leaders, decades ago, and subsequent politicians have merely gone along to get along. The likes of former Ohio Congressman James Traficant are rare, and rarely fully appreciated, even by those he served, both in his own district in the Mahoning Valley of Youngstown, Ohio and the true patriots and Christians throughout the land of the USA. 

P.S.: If you have never viewed the movie "The Matrix", rent it, buy it.   I bought the DVD at a yard sale for a buck some time back.  I try to watch it about once every three or four months to study its subtleties.  Everything I have shared in this series is has been prophesied [history foretold] in our awesome Word of God, the King James Bible.

God bless and be not like those Hosea 4:6 referred to.

Pastor Bob