Nicole (26 Oct 2014)
"Beware of the False Jesus!"

I pour the blood of Yeshua over this post.

This spirit of the false jesus is going around to Christians on the internet.  He gives people sugar cane, or something sweet to eat to check on them.   I have noticed some people making videos have mentioned this.   And this is the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, she channeled a spirit called Sugar Kane.   And this is the false jesus, and this is why Marilyn Monroe pictures are popping up everywhere.   She is the new Madonna, the new Mary of this age.   So do not have any of her photos, and try to stay out of places where her picture is.   It is a deception.   If you cannot stay away from a place that has her picture, please do not purchase the picture.  

This is the spirit of the false jesus of the new age, the false jesus of the Catholic church, the false jesus of islam.   This is ONE OF THE mantles that it wears, of the many mantles and positions it holds.   I am pretty sure that it is Beelzebub.   I think someone either sent him to me as joke, but it is NOT A JOKE TO YESHUA. Repent of this and pray for people in California who seem to love Hollywood so much.    If you have any items including paintings of the Last Supper, rosary beads, statues of angels or jesus, icons of jesus or mary, Marilyn Monroe pictures, throw them out.  I am pretty sure some guy on Five Doves tried to trap me with a question that he thought nudity was art and what I thought about nude statues.   When I said God needs surgeons, doctors who are sent from Him and that they should not have a spirit of lust, BAM all of a sudden this spirit came into my home and then said "I found you."    There are either readers, etc. who are trying to devour the Christians right now through infiltration.   And Yeshua says STOP NOW!   Go back to your side of the woods!

Also pray for discernment before watching Christians videos to see if they are from Yeshua or not.

I am seeing people say that Yeshua gave them a secular song, or a secular movie and it is a sign.   Now in these cases you need to verify if it is from Yeshua, because a person said that Jesus gave them a song of Earth Wind and Fire on 9/21/2014.   Earth Wind and Fire is a symbol of witchcraft, and 9/21 is an Illuminati holiday.   Some Christians who are left behind will say, I believed in Jesus, He visited me.   Well this is part of that deception of the false archangel Michael, Mary, Fatima, etc.

I IMPLORE PEOPLE who are making videos exposing the symbols of baphomet, egyptology, the catholic church with pictures to stop!   I have actually tried to warn a person and then this spirit hops on them to make videos that say women are under some kind of religious error and need help.   They have NO IDEA what kind of spirit this is!   If someone keeps doing videos on dates in which they think Jesus will come, RUN!  

I had no idea the depth of this evil that this spirit was trying to corrupt the videos.  If this spirit is in charge of Hollywood, then wouldn't you think he would be interested in the videos the Christians are making?   LOL!  

When I first started posting, I posted on Rapture in the Air.  One day some people decided to hack the website using the password and try to post as me.   Then I moved to Rapture Flight to Heaven and when I was at Six Flags, they hacked their website and started posting as me again.   Then they were saying that I thought I was some kind of princess.   I have no idea who these people are, but I have to say that you are no match for this spirit.   If these people are going around trying to do seances to send people demons, then you will soon see that you are full of evil and hate.   And that God Jehovah is watching it all.   I feel sorry for people who have that much time on their hands.   What I find interesting is that I had not even been posting on Rapture in the Air for maybe a couple of days when all of that happened.   So how would someone even know that I needed to be corrected or called a Liar UNLESS THEY had been using occult practices to find out who were players in the end time to send these kind of spirits or astral projection to start harrassing them.  

Yes, in 2010 there was a spirit that came into my home and told me he was going to get nudity on television.   Then again that year he put a coin in my hand and said "It will happen in less than a year."   When I posted that it would happen in less than a year, a person said "LIAR" out of nowhere.   That was not a lie, this spirit did say that.   I was not sure at the time if it was an evil or good spirit because I was new to this realm.   I was wondering if it was the rapture, but not sure.  

However with this Marilyn spirit, I am telling you when it attacks, you have NO CONTROL over keeping your spirit in your body.   And the fact remains that in Matthew 4:5 even Satan was able to move Jesus and his spirit around as well.   So if he did this to Jesus, then he can do this to anyone.

People think being left behind is just getting some kind of promotion in the devil's kingdom, or that they are some kind of warrior for God if they take down false prophets.   Instead of fighting the real enemy they themselves become angry, bitter and deceived. 

This spirit is able to do black magic and voodoo in the astral plane.  And I am telling whoever is doing this, that you HAVE NO IDEA what kind of devil that you are messing with.  

Stop looking for people's photos on the internet and getting them off of rapture message boards to channel spirits their way.   And then try to ruin their reputations and then try to hack to try to discredit them.