Nicole (19 Oct 2014)
"Quick Reference Check for you to see what Bible Version is OK"

I pour the blood of Yeshua over this post.

You know when you are going online and you are looking at scriptures and then it asks you what version would you like to look at?
Well here is the QUICK (surface level) first check to see if that version is a good version.

In Matthew 24:36 if the version says "NOR THE SON" then you need to dismiss that version because it is a New Age Version.   These versions of the Bible are removing the deity of Yeshua.   Yeshua is God and He is the Word of God, He is All Knowing, He is the Creator, He has Unlimited Power.   Yeshua knows the day of the rapture, and He is part of the Triune God.   If you think Yeshua does not know the day of the rapture, then you believe that Jesus is just a prophet, or the son of God, but Not God Himself.     This clause was ADDED IN THERE!

So many scholars can then see after this first quick check other verses.  The USA was founded on the 1599 Geneva Bible and so I find it kind of difficult, so I stick with the King James....if that is not available to me then I just do this quick reference check.   And then pray to ask Yeshua if the publisher, the version, etc. has anything to do with the New Age.  

I find that Christians are calling the King James version movement a cult, but there is a Holy Spirit Movement moving within the church to try to get people away from New Age.   And so many people are scared of going into defilement and they say they only want to stick with King James version.   And so I just want to bring this to light of why there is a King James movement and not to get caught up in being so scared....but to understand why the Holy Spirit is drawing a lot of people back to older versions.   It is because there is a reversal happening within the church.

This first reversal is to get rid of defiled Bible versions of the new age, the second is to cleanse the churches of defiled teachings and denominational segregation which leads to arguing, and to then try to get back to Hebraic Roots.   This is all an attempt to lead people back to holiness and then the One New Man of Jew and Gentile.  Many people after discovering Hebraic Roots begin to move into the One New Man and attend Messianic Church.  And people have to unravel the defilement in their lives first.