Nicole (19 Oct 2014)
"Tool for Witnessing/Deliverance to Jehovah's Witnesses"

I pour the blood of Yeshua over this message.

Many Jehovah's witnesses knock on my door.   And through my experiences, studies I have been shown the false jesus of the tribulation.   And so this belief that Catholics, Islam and the New Agers have of the jesus is the same jesus, which is the false jesus and is Baal/Mary/a false Michael the archangel appearing to people.   Many people are seeing apparitions of Mary, seeing cloud formations in the sky, pictures of "jesus" are forming in shadows, on houses, in trees, etc.   And all of these appearances are for the end time deception to "help" people believe in the supernatural.   However these are not real from Yeshua, these are preparing the people for the appearance of the false jesus who will align under the pope/mahdi/antichrist and assist in issuing the mark.   I have seen this false Michael/jesus all over the internet.  Some say that Peter will come to Earth and take over the vatican to bring in his reign over the church on Earth.   Personally on the internet people are showing pictures of this fake jesus in their toast, on receipts, on paper, on the wall, in shadows, photos, videos, etc.   This is a demon guys.   Our savior, Yeshua has a face that is like the sun, He has holes in His hands and feet and light shine through them, He wears a white robe, and either has a sash about His waist, and/or a sash around His shoulder.   Yeshua will usually place His hand on you and heal you by making an eye grow back, or an arm grow back, or cancer is gone so that you know it is Him before He starts moving you into the supernatural.   That is the difference!

But we have not discussed how this ties into Jehovah's Witnesses.   Jehovah Witnesses believe that Michael the Archangel is Jesus.  And this is the same entity that people are seeing right now supposedly getting prophecies from.   Some people are having fake near death experiences, fake visions of Heaven which is not Heaven but in the astral plane, and then some are seeing the archangel Michael in real life.   And he is supposedly giving them these long written letters, telling them that Sunday worship is the mark of the beast, that if you do not worship on Sunday then you are going to hell, and then he is able to channel a tremendous amount of other demons the persons way pretending to be other angels to give messages.  This false angel Michael also wants to channel inside of people to bring defiled messages that the mark of the beast is something else than what it is, and anyone speaking truth he tries to attack to shut them up.   I have seen this with many people on the internet and they go into some kind of hiding out of fear and thinking they went into some kind of gross sin.   The truth is that this false Michael is giving occult knowledge through art, music, exposing the pope and Vatican in a very in depth way and including teaching all the masonic symbols.   The makers of these videos are not being told or unaware that this Michael is using them to create videos so that he can have a portal to the people who watch the videos to attack them.  

Jehovah's Witnesses are a small little piece of the New Age pie that are setting up a sub group of the antichrist system to push this false Michael who is the fake jesus, who is Mary, and a demon of lust.   I am sure there is another name like Baal or Beelzebub or something of that nature.   So when you meet with Jehovah's Witnesses, it is impossible to argue with them.   What you will do is become frustrated and they will usually think they have the upper hand because their mind is so focused on their religion.  

These people are so focused on the new Earth that they have lost their first love which is Yeshua.   Yeshua was Jewish, so why are these people straying from the Book of Acts and the first church?    I am sure they believe that in the Old Testament that Jesus was the angel of the Lord....and the angel of the Lord was the archangel Michael.   Yeshua is not an angel, He is God, He is the Creator.   An angel is a created being?   Another argument is that in the Book of Revelation that the word angel in actuality means messenger, so that Yeshua could still be the messenger of the Lord in the Old Testament.   In this case, then they are still in error.

If we are made in the image of God, then we are three in one beings like Him.   Our Soul is made in the image of Jehovah, our spirit in the image of the Holy Spirit, and our body in the image of Christ.   This means we have to accept the blood of Yeshua to cleanse all of us.   So Jehovah/Yeshua/Holy Spirit are three in one.   How could we as a human function without our spirit or body?    Yeshua in this case cannot be the archangel Michael, for Michael worships the Lord who sits on the throne.  

The true Archangel Michael is the one who protects Israel.   So why then would Jehovah's Witnesses choose to worship a created being?   For it is written in the Bible that they will worship the creation and not the creator.   And these Jehovah's Witnesses are so obsessed with the New Earth, that they are actually worshiping mother Earth (Gaia) and this is that same spirit.   It is written that all these things shall be added unto you.....focusing on what you get and the New Earth is lust instead of worshiping Yeshua in spirit and truth.

Yeshua wants us to worship Him.  Where is their worship of Yeshua?   Why are they worshiping Michael, a created being?  Angel worship is forbidden!