Nicole (19 Oct 2014)
"Deliverance and Healing of the Soul/Mind Update"

I plead the blood of Yeshua over this post.

Yeshua wants me to assist people in understanding spiritual warfare and what is coming against their soul/mind.   I was watching an episode of Sid Roth and a gentleman had a mighty vision of an avalanche coming to the church to bury them alive in the mountain of many false beliefs out there.   Yeshua allowed me to understand the NWO but come out of it in order to help others.  When I came out I had a very very vicious attack as I was running out of the spiritual forest.  This forest was black as night and this is where all the spirits were.    However He does not want me teaching that stuff anymore because the enemy has a new tactic against the saints.  

This new tactic is called Sinning in the Spirit.   Many Christians who are moving into holiness and they are not defiling themselves, the enemy wants to try to get them to sin in the spirit to get them left behind.   And this could be forced astral projection in which the enemy can try to oppress, possess for a short time, or try to do voodoo to a saint in the astral plane.   This could include saying curse words, drinking alcohol, etc.   I have been more aware of this tactic over the last seven months.   Since the end time religion is the New Age, the enemy wants to bring most Christian religions under the fold of the Catholic Church.  These are not dreams.  It can involve the enemy trying to put people in a body of an animal.   If anyone is being attacked at this level, then please see the bottom of this page for deliverance prayers.  Many people need to really get close to Yeshua due to the tremendous uptick in black mass rituals. 

One of the false beliefs going around is with Orthodox Jews.   Orthodox Jews believe that if a person goes to hell, then they only stay there for about 12 months and then they are released and get to go to Heaven.   This belief is very similar to purgatory in the Catholic Church, and it denies the fact that the prophet Daniel specifically says that hell is eternal.  

Another false belief is that it is dangerous for Christians to move into the Hebraic Roots Movement.   This belief is set forth by the enemy so that Christians are forever arguing and debating, and they keep creating thousands of Christian denominations.   This creates dissatisfaction with a saint so that they continuously hop like a rabbit visiting church after church after church and then they get so frustrated that they believe they just need to stay at home and read their Bible.   They become dissatisfied with other believers and then get a bad attitude that other believers are hypocrites because all of the denominations have various beliefs from conservative to liberal.   The truth of the matter is that in the First Century, the writings of men against Jews brought about the rise of the Catholic Church.   It was this along with date setting for the Lord's return that the Christians who broke away from the Jews started getting into error.   When they started thinking Jesus is coming during a certain date all the way to the 4th to 5th centuries, it moved the church to believe that the Book of Revelation was just allegorical and that we must set up the Kingdom of Jesus on earth now so that He can come back to reign.   This is where the roots of the Kingdom Dominion Theology comes from, or also Kingdom Now Theology and it is false because King David says in the word that you cannot have a kingdom without a king.   So this false belief is actually helping the pope to become king of the religions.   Christians need to be delivered of this 2000 year separation from Jews and try to get to a Messianic church.

Another false belief is that Jews hate Christians because of the holocaust because they believe the lie of Hitler.  Hitler told Jews that "Jesus" told him to kill Jews.   Well Jews believe that his Jesus was the Jesus of all Christians.   Let us step back for a moment and see that this false jesus is Baal from the bottom of Mt. Sinai.   This is the demon of lust, for the Lord rebuked the Jews in the wilderness for their complaining and their lusts.   The Jews started drinking alcohol and fornicating at the base of Mt. Sinai and they allowed their lusts to overtake them and worship this golden calf.   This is the same demon who is the false jesus of the new age, the same false jesus of the Catholic Church, the same false jesus of islam.   In each religion their lusts overtake them and give them over to violence, pomp and circumstance, and the belief that one can become their own god.   Each person becomes a living prison who believes in these religions.   This is the same spirit behind Mary of the Catholic Church and Islam.   Many people are reporting statues crying, feelings of warmth from paintings or Catholic art pieces.   This is nothing more than demons going inside of the art.   The jesus in most of these paintings of the last supper is the false jesus and is part of the end time Dan Brown deception.   Saints need to get rid of a lot of defiled objects in their home.   Orthodox Jews do not understand that the spirit of the Catholic church has many ties to Egyptology and their enemy of the Philistines.   We know their miter hat is from dagon, etc.

Another false belief going around right now on the internet that I was pulled out from is that we need to expose through videos what the enemy is doing.  And all of these images in videos of false gods, satanism in hip-hop, etc. is going into the souls of the saints and planting an image in their mind.   Yeshua sternly showed me that these videos with these images constantly of the devil, logos, pyramids, baphomet, etc. is trying to defile the soul of the saints to blacken their third eye to become like the Illuminati.   He wants the saints to stop making these videos and being obsessed with the NWO.   He showed me that by being obsessed with the NWO that you are actually showing your allegiance to them.   Yeshua showed me that what your mind thinks about is the angels or demons you attract.   Your mind actually has some form of releasing something in the spirit realm that shows you are thinking good or evil.   And thus if we worship Yeshua in our minds, we will attract Holy angels of the most high.   If we think about Catholicism, New Age, Islam, NWO, exposing the NWO, police state, diseases around the world, etc. then we will attract the demons who are in charge of that specific area.   And they will then lead you more and more to find out about it, and then afterwards will attack.   Yeshua wanted me to show this in the event that these things start to happen to people after the California earthquake.  

Another false belief is the belief in praying the rosary.   These rosary beads are nothing more than a symbol of voodoo beads down in New Orleans.  In New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and in Brazil during Carnival which is a celebration of not fasting anymore during Lent, there are beads thrown.   And many people are doing bad things in order to obtain these beads.   This celebration is a quasi celebration that is also done with Muslims during Ramadan.   These feasts require one to fast and then afterwards they are allowed to become a glutton.   The demon of gluttony, who is also in charge of eating disorders is Beelzebub.  We wonder how did this paganism infiltrate America?   It was during the 1920's when women decided they had enough repression from men.  This would have been OK if women were treated with more respect, however with the influx of alcohol it brought in the perversion.   As you can see in America, wherever there is alcohol, there are rosary beads, there is Mardi Gras, there is the worship of Baal at the foot of Mt. Sinai, there are Mardi Gras beads, a symbol of the 1920's sexual revolution and the flapper.   The devil has two alternatives for people, and that is living in perversion under Catholicism with their statues, rosary beads, Catholic nuns, or living under a reign of terror wearing burkas.   These two religions are mirror images but one and the same demon behind them.  

Another false belief from visiting many churches is that one denomination of Christianity is the only way.   And what is happening behind their backs is that their denomination is being forced to choose which path it will take.   You will see church leaders align with the pope.   And they will do this privately or publicly.  In private you will see hyper-grace movement, aligning with beliefs of tolerance, saying the book of Revelation is allegorical, etc.   Or these same churches will start to be interested in holiness, supporting Jews, the Jewish feasts, inviting Messianic Rabbis to preach a sermon as a guest.   We are being forced in the spirit realm to take a side even if you cannot see that.   All denominations and all churches are being forced in the spirit realm to take a side as well.   We need to do this in order to take on mantles from the Lord.   If you stay in a denomination who will not preach holiness, deliverance, worship, and all they preach on is financial blessings and sowing a seed then you may see some of the believers move into a new age belief, legalistic views, or tolerance, or even Kingdom Dominion theology.   And this will hinder you from receiving your mantle from the Lord as well as being ready for the rapture. 

We need to clean our homes to get ready for the rapture.   And this takes hearing the word, reading the word, repenting, forgiving, and reciting prayers to be delivered.   Many people in the New Age think they are controlling the spirits they are channeling or sending to people, but in fact the spirits are controlling them.   People need to be delivered really fast because I do not believe there is much time.  

I have found a website for people if you are suffering right now.   (Go to the bottom of the page and there are links to a lot of prayers)