Nicole (19 Oct 2014)
"If you are suffering tremendous warfare and night terrors, please read this!"

I pour the Blood of Yeshua over this posting.

Over the last 7 months, Yeshua has been taking me on a major major journey.   And in this journey I have had major visions.   I have seen what is happening to the church right now.   What is happening is tremendous defilement.   The church is date setting which the Lord showed me is Masonic.   He showed me that the church is watching Illuminati videos, going to websites even like I posted that shows and exposes the Illuminati.   These infact show the maps of the USA, ley lines, grid systems, the pictures on the google maps, faces in the clouds, license plate signs....exposing baphomet, baal, egyptology, illuminati symbols, illuminati architecture, hieroglyphics, reporting constant bad news, constantly reporting things that the illuminati are doing.  While it is ok to tell people things for their protection when Yeshua tells you to, it is not OK to focus your entire ministry around the NWO anymore.   It is too dangerous for the church to mess with and they need to get close to Yeshua to move in mighty faith and supernatural in order to leave this planet and go in the holy rapture of the true Messiah Yeshua.

What I was shown is that bad news, and then going to websites reporting on the illuminati and the NWO are actually gateways and portals to lead you into the occult.   It seems good at first, and then all of a sudden you are shown more and more and more of the depth of the antichrist system.   Once you are shown the depth of the antichrist system including the antichrist and false prophet, they actually can send in demons to attack you.  It opens up gateways, portals, ley lines, silver chords to your person.   And so in this instance I was attacked by an entity which I believe was Baphomet.   And in this I was shown by the Lord the entry points on how they want to attack and they are using forbidden knowledge.   This entity is the Leviathan, or the beast of the sea, the baphomet and it is somehow tied to a false jesus.  It is not OK to show an eye in the hand, pyramids, pyramids of Giza, pentagrams, or anything in this nature anymore.   These pictures and videos are becoming impressioned in the souls of believers and are defiling them.   I am now so aware of this that I am avoiding it. 

Please stop date setting, please stop listening to bad news, stop reporting on the illuminati, stop watching illuminati videos.   Anyone claiming to hear from the archangel michael, they are not, it is this entity.   This entity can pull you out of your body and pull you into the astral plane.   I pulled all of my postings off the Five Doves because I saw that I was actually being pulled to this by forces and/or people unseen.  However this activates your third eye and when it does, these things can happen.   Yeshua showed me the battle is for our WORSHIP.   And that He is the creator, and that the church needs to focus on worship and moving towards being a disciple that can heal the sick, and move in His supernatural creative power.  

Anyone who is suffering EXTREME attacks, including night terrors, being pulled into the astral plane, soul travel, seeming to sit at tables with demons, demons who pretend to be anyone from a celebrity to your family member to confuse you, please go to these prayers and recite them in your home.   Yeshua allowed me to go through this in order to help others come out of this.   Because there are thousands of videos on the internet that expose the Olympics, rituals, music industry, movie industry.   And what it is doing is that instead of helping Yeshua expose the darkness, it really is defiling you.   What Yeshua showed me is the tactic of the enemy is to darken the soul, or the third eye of the believers in the attempt that the Holy Spirit leave the saints and they are left behind.   Let us all unite together.    I have found out that these fallen angels come to people to help them expose them.   And after the Christian exposes the demon, the demon then uses it as a basis to attack them.   So I have retreated in trying to expose the devil or any of his tactics.   I will focus on deliverance ministry at this point, using the One new man of Jew and Gentile under Messiah Yeshua and moving in holiness.   Also, please do not go around the internet anymore to people exposing the illuminati and troll their channels, because most likely they will become argumentative and say you are just paranoid.   However these people have not seen the end of the road of what is happening to others when they watch their videos.  

I just watched Sid Roth, and check it out, the man was told that Yeshua called His people right now THE DOVE COMPANY.