Mike Curtiss (26 Oct 2014)
"Confirmed NY Times, This Ebola's a Weaponized Bioweapon Flu Combined w/EBOLA DNA"

Hi Friends,

The outbreak of African Ebola is a product of Level 4 US Army bio-weapons
labs located in Liberia, Guinea and Mali. The military has long had both these
weapons and an effective vaccine for Ebola.

This is the most evil story I've ever read. What's the Obama Regime up to now?
The new EBOLA Czar's Ron Klain is a published eugenisist. Eugenics' support
race based depopulation agenda's up to 90% of humanity. The reason there are these
Bioweapon's labs in Africa is because they have been caught now using Red Cross
inoculations to spread EBOLA.

Remember, these people are not incompetent, they are diabolically evil and stark 
raving mad.


Michael Curtiss

I'm posting a link to the newspaper article below;