Michelle M (26 Oct 2014)
"Respounse to Nicole: Tool for Witnessing/Deliverance to Jehovah's Witnesses"

I understand about the JWs. They started studying with me back when I was 16,the Summer of 08. They stopped a few years back. They still came around but now the elder's wife only throws Watchtowers over our gate.
I thought they were just another "denomination". I was standing outside watering flowers and I seen a couple men with a Bible. I was excited because I thought they wanted to talk about the Bible with me. I wasn't saved yet though. I was a false convert. I thought I was saved because I said the sinner's prayer back during like the Dec. of 06/that Winter of 07. I wasn't saved. Didn't trust Jesus,just trusted in saying a few words. Anyways, it's by God's Grace I have trouble expressing things I want [I've never been diagnosed but I know I have autism. I can talk I just have trouble expressing myself. That is just one of many reasons I know I have autism.]. That Fall of 08 I wanted to become a JW. I thought they knew the truth. Thing is I couldn't properly express to them that I wanted to join. Well,I looked online and found out they have false prophecies. I think I may have come across the 1914 false prophecy first. After knowing they had false prophecies I didn't want to join anymore. God is so good! He used my weakness of not being able to express myself properly to prevent me from being led to Hell by a false religion. For if I didn't have that problem I would have told them I wanted to join and converted. Jesus saved me over 4 years ago. The true Jesus,Emmanuel-not a false angel. Thank You Lord! You're so good.
Ok,you now know how I know about the JWs. I need to say this. My mom [she isn't a JW but she went to Kingdom Hall unbapized before I was born.I'm the reason they started coming around again. I had no idea at 16 who they were]has some JW beliefs and she disagrees with some other things they believe. She has went back and forth on the blood tranfunsion thing. There was a time mom said the JWs were nothing but a bunch of stiff shirts. Yet another time she called them God's people. She doesn't have any ground for her beliefs. Like a few years back when she heard someone say Jesus is God on tv she got really upset. I told her it's in the Bible. She told me that the Bible is wrong than. I told her it's in the JW Bible [the JW Bible didn't edit out all of the verses on Christ's deity. Hebrews chapter 1 is a perfect eample. They didn't realize they missed some things while messing with God's word.] She said it [the JW Bible which isn't even a Bible but an edited translation to fit their doctrine] was wrong as well.
There's been times though she's told me that the Bible is God's word. On the other hand she's said it's a man made book because "God didn't come down and write it". Yes,I'm confused. Please bare with me while reading this though. Another thing she's switched on is about the cross. She was watching JVI [yes she watches preachers on tv. Sadly most are false like Irvin Baxtar on End of the Age and Tomorrow's World] and on one of Jack's videos they wrre saying how alot of these preachers like Rick Warren are taking the cross. Mom was upset upon hearing that that they were reomoving the cross.Yet when the JWs were around I remeber how she was saying it's wrong to wear a cross. She compared it to..."What if someone killed me with a knife? Would you wear a knife around your neck?" Another is she told us before one time none of us will go to Heaven,we'll all live on paradise earth. Yet she has contrdicted herself saying another time that "You'll see both your grandmas in Heaven."
She switches her beliefs. If you tell her that Jesus is God in the Bible she'll tell you the Bible is wrong. Yet when it comes to beleving Jesus is Michael she'll tell you that is in the Bible. She's never bothered to even attempt to open a Bible to show where though. She doesn't even read the Bible. What is her source? She has told me before on diferent things "The JWs say..." Even though they don't come around anymore she still is taking their word for it on different things. She has stated before their God's people yet only picks and chooses what she wants to believe in their teachings. This has been my experince if she hears someone say Jesus is God. She may cuss,yell,have a fit...
It's very frustrating and lonely since most of my family seems hostile to the faith in one way or another. Dad believes whatever he wants to believe. I hope he comes back to the Lord [my aunt said he used to be saved. My aunt is one of the few people saved in my family. She was like the first family member I got to talk to about this JW situation and my testimony last May. Even though Jesus saved me in 2010 I have been trying to figure out for a long time how to talk to my family,about the JW situation and I have a very dificult testimony that is hard to talk about. My aunt is the first family member I got to talk to about it. I'm thankful she understood. May God bless her richly.
My one uncle doesn't like the idea Jesus being God. I don't get to see most relatives. I did find out though another uncle [when he visited like a couple years back] is very hostile to the faith thinking we're,that is anyone who's born again,a cult.
Later I found out,he told us on a different visit,my aunt [the one who I talked to about my testimony]told him you have to make sure you're saved so you don't go to Hell. He was mad telling us "You just can't tell people they're going to Hell!" Another uncle says he's a Christian but has very bad fruitage. Another uncle used to go to a Satanist place,not sure if he still does. Aside from a couple aunts who are Catholic [I highly disagree with the R.C.C so if I seen them and talked to them it would only lead to an argument. Don't ever see them though.One aunt is on FB but I don't talk to her. I don't talk to my family much since it's hard to know what to say/start a conversation.They never message me. Please pray for my other aunt though. She lost her husband from brughada last July. He went into cardiac arrest the 9th of July and had to be taken off life support the 14th. He died early the next day.
Brughada is a rhythem of the heart disorder. Didn't even know it exisited until my uncle was in the hospital. It's inherited and passed down from parents. Besides the JWs being a problem I have reasons for what I believe about the R.C.C. I couldn't handle talking to them and end up talking about Catholism. I'm still angry...That priest in that church building in the cemetary said my uncle was in purgatory. He asked God to have a few drops of the blood of Jesus fall down on him. That is all lies. Purgatory is a lie and a person needs to be alive inorder to recieve the blood of Jesus. I'm angry because I don't know where my uncle is right now. I don't want his death to be in vain so I ask anyone who reads this to please get checked for Brughada. It could save your life and those in your family since it's inherited.Any other family members I don't know...They don't talk to me about their beliefs;I don't even see most family. On mom's side they live in the country and are too old/sick/the rest are too busy to come out. On dad's side I have seldomly seen the family after grandma died back in May of 05.
I know God will take care of everything. I'm just so frustrated. Makes me even more frustrated since mentioning mom's family I remebered after grandpa had to go to a home and we cleaned his app. he had JW stuff. He's too far in the country to get to. He's old and I' afriad of him to die in his sins. I seen he had JW books when we cleaned out his appartment and that scares me. Please pray for him. He's my last grandparent. And I'm scared because I don't want him to die without Jesus. Honestly I feel like crying. I know the Holy Spirit has taught me in the scriptures that tomorrow isn't promised and to take it a day at a time. That became very obvious afte my uncle died last July. His cardiac arrest was so unexpected. I was in denial about him going to die until the day before he died.Still I've tried to block out that my grandpa will die. But it's only denial. I'm so scared mom's cousion Jerry will tell us [we have seen him atleast a few times in a place we shop at out of town] that grandpa died. You see grandpa had to go to a home because of a stroke he had back in 09. It's by God's Grace he's even still alive.
I know the Holy Spirit has taught me that they will only know about the Deity of Christ if He reveals it to them. That we can't convince them. He is the one that convicts. All we can do is show them. It's up to them to recieve it or not. It's still so frustrating when you know most of your family isn't saved and is hostile to the faith in one way or another.
Why am I posting this? To ask for prayer. I needed to vent as well. I understand about the JWs. It breaks my heart know about the lies and how lost they are. I know a teen [she moved] who started coming around with the elder and his wife when she was 8. Her name is Lizzy. My friend,Sarah,who used to go to high school with me also is a JW. Haven't seen her in a few years. Breaks my heart that they're lost.
Thank you for letting me vent and I thank anyone who prays more than I can say.