Luis Vega (26 Oct 2014)
"THE ASTRONOMICAL JUBILEE - Plagues Upon the Land & the Judgment of Pharaoh"


Prophetic Countdown to the Year of Release

by Luis B. Vega for illustration in chart section

“The Spirit of the LORD is on Me, because He has anointed Me to proclaim Good News to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim Freedom for the prisoners and Recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the Year of the Lord’s favor.” …He began by saying to them, “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” – Luke 4:16-21

The purpose of this study is to consider an astronomical and planetary overlay of the time period counting down from the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967. The timeline will be calibrated to several Biblical connotations for multiple associations relevant to the End of Days. The timeline will show the 7 prophetic weeks of years corresponding to the Shmitah cycles. The timeline will show the 7 planets that correspond to the Menorah pattern as it relates to the Jupiter event. This Jupiter event occurred in the midst of the Jubilee cycle corresponding to the middle ‘week’ in 1994. This piercing by a comet of Jupiter, the Planet of Messiah event has echoes of Calvary just as Messiah was pierced and ‘cut off’ the midst of the week. Based on these overlapping associations, this study suggests that there is also a reflection or prophetic pattern that alludes to the 7 fold dispensation of the Church Age having a Jubilee prophetic pattern and cycle to it. This prophetic pattern suggests that the Church Age has its own parallel pattern of the Jubilee 49 prophetic year countdown to the conclusion of the Great Commission.

The prophetic time correlates to the 7 Churches of Asia and their 7 week allotment of prophetic time since Pentecost in 32 AD or thereabouts. This Jubilee pattern constitutes each of the Churches as a ‘week of time’ (7+7+7+7+7+7 = 49) culminating in the prophetic Year of Release, i.e., the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ, where simultaneously a Covenant is consummated, a Covenant is begun. The Rapture is part of this multifaceted layer of prophetic convergence of timelines that this study suggests will occur simultaneously with the Church and Israel as it did with the Israelites and Egypt during the time that the Plagues were unleashed upon the land and Pharaoh was judged. As the Church Age ends and the timepiece is transferred to Israel, it will be a ‘release’ of final reprieve for the Bride of Christ but for Israel it will be a false sense of release due to the Covenant promising a Peace and Safety that will not last and be broken likewise in the midst of the prophetic week of the Tribulation period.

Jubilee Cycle of Release Typology
This convergence of timelines in 2015 perhaps could parallel how the Hebrew nation was spared the Plagues as Egypt was judged simultaneously during the Exodus and Passover specifically. As the time of freedom and liberty was granted to the Israelites, the nation of Egypt suffered the Plagues upon the land and was destroyed as its prideful Pharaoh was judged. This study is suggesting that both the Church Age’s end of its Great Commission of the Witness on Earth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be synchronized to the literal 49 year countdown of the Jubilee Year for Israel based on the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967. It is when this witness of the Church Age is concluded that the subsequent Witness will ensue, that being of the 144,000 Anointed and the 2 Witnesses per the Book of Revelation. Whether the 144,000 Anointed and the 2 Witnesses overlap remains to be seen; whether the Witness begins immediately is uncertain.

The point is that Church’s Great Commission and Witness is a Covenant. It was made by Jesus with His Disciples at the Last Supper on the eve of Passover symbolized by the Bread and the Wine. The point is that this Covenant that also was a type of marital contract between Jesus, the Groom and the Disciples, thus  the representation of the Bride, cannot overlap Israel’s Covenant of Death as the LORD in the Book of Isaiah puts it. The coming ‘confirming of the Covenant’ will be for Israel as a marriage covenant with the false Messiah. The 7 years of the Tribulation period will be initiated by the Covenant with the Many because the Church’s Covenant has been fulfilled. The Jubilee is about fulfilling a Promise of a Covenant. Israel’s new Covenant with the false AntiChrist will ‘release’ Israel and give her the ‘freedom’ to build its 3rd Temple. The promise fulfilled to the Church is that its Covenant releases as the Spiritual Temple. This work has represented the Church Age throughout the prophetic 49 years of 7 Churches as Christ Jesus has been ‘building’ her as a Spiritual House.

The coming ‘confirming’ of a Covenant between Israel and the Many will constitute a new time or dispensation wherein the new Witness of the LORD’s Gospel of Jesus Christ will be passed on. This transition will be as when the Mantel of Elijah’s power and witness was passed to Elisha as Elijah, a type of the Church was Raptured up to Glory. There are those that believe that the Jubilee count cannot be fixed or calculated correctly due to varying Jewish calendars and lost benchmark of the count. Others believe that regardless of such speculation the ultimate Jubilee will be fulfilled at Jesus Christ’s 2nd Advent. This will be the time Jesus returns in the Clouds with the Saints at the Battle of Armageddon, at the end of the 7 year Covenant. If Jesus comes at the end corresponding to a Jubilee, it has to necessitate an end of a 7 year cycle, thus the Tribulation period cannot be a mere 3.5 year duration that many assert it to only be.

This study highly suggests that the countdown from the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967 will be the last prophetic Jubilee cycle before Jesus’ 2nd Advent. The emphasis will be based on parallel Biblical patterns of the Plagues of Egypt and the subsequent liberation of YHVH’s People out from the Nation. The timeline suggests that the Year of Release or Jubilee could coincide prophetically in a 2 fold manner. For the Church, it could be a spiritual release, as in the Rapture just as the Captives of GOD’s People in Egypt where released. Moreover this event could simultaneously involve the Judgment of the Nation and its Pharaoh as part of the ‘Sudden Destruction’ supposition. For Israel it will be not a release but the beginning of the culmination in a national judgment initiated by the Covenant with the Many. Instead of delivering ‘Pease and Security’ it will eventually bring bondage and the Time of Jacob’s Troubles.

A Parallel of Empires & Judgments
>From Yom Kippur of September 24, 1966 to Yom Kippur on September 22, 2015 is the start of the 50th year. The study is not insinuating that exactly at that time will this convergence of events occur, that is the Jubilee itself, the Rapture and the Covenant but that based on patterns and types, they could occur based on 3 prophetic facts that will be presented. In one scenario, the Rapture could occur first but during that year sometime. The Covenant could be ‘confirmed’ but sometime after in 2016; it remains to be seen. What is undisputable is the irrefutable fact that presently, there has been a 49 year countdown to Yom Kippur 2015. It matches the count that happens to coincide with the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967. Why this is prophetically monumental is that not since 70 AD had the Temple Mount been under Jewish sovereignty. It is one of the 3 prophetic events that this study suggests lends astonishing credibility to the notion of a coming convergence of timelines, liberation, the concluding judgment of Israel and that of the nations based on Daniel 9.

Rabbi Shlomo Goren of the IDF was the highest Rabbi in the Israeli Armed Forces; he in essence functioned as the High Priest blowing the shofar at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967 (5727). This was the 1st time since 70 AD that the Temple Mount was back under Jewish sovereignty. The administration of it was however given over to the Muslims as an appeasement by Moshe Dayan. Possibly dividing up Israel in the Land for Peace stipulation of the Oslo Accords to be ‘Confirmed’ with the ‘Many’ will allow for building the 3rd Temple. This could be then ~3.5 years before 70th Anniversary of Israel’s 1948 statehood and the 70th year that the 2nd Temple was desolated. The 10 Plagues took 70 days to completed, if the first 7 day judgment that is given is attributed to the rest as a pattern.  The Exodus from Egypt on Passover could thus be seen as a Jubilee type. Thus the Year of release could also be a type of the Rapture to come that could correlate to a Passover season or time.

The irrefutable prophetic event are as follows, 1) the liberation of Jerusalem, 2) the comet collision of Jupiter and 3) the Jubilee Cycle Pattern itself as it converges on the last 7th Shmitah on Yom Kippur of 2015. The 3rd Shmitah since the Jupiter event that many believe signaled the prophetic countdown to national judgment of the land with Plagues upon the land and Pharaoh being judged. It is the hypothesis of this study that the Jubilee Year starts on Yom Kippur in the 2015 going into 2016. In the Jewish calendar, the year is 5776 which echoes America’s ‘freedom and liberty’ of 1776. In one of 3 aspects, it was though as if the USA’s Independence was like a Jubilee in the New World, a New Nation that was birthed bringing ‘freedom and liberty’ to the American 13 Colonies. This will conversely be as if America is Egypt that was judged for repressing the People of YHVH. This study suggests that America has prophetically had 3 renditions of a Jubilee Year of release.

For America, the 1st connotation to a prophetic ‘freedom and liberty’ Jubilee type was at its birth in 1776. The 2nd connotation was during its Civil War with the Emancipation Proclamation. The 3rd and last connotation deals with a Jubilee release of the Rapture of its Christians. This is based on the supposition of the intensified persecution of Christians in the USA that is occurring in a more sophisticated and subtle way through laws primarily. This notion also has in a broader score not only associated directly with the USA but as the USA has been involved in the world at large that has also perpetuated the persecution of Christians all the same. This would be hard to comprehend and reconcile as the virtues espoused by the ideals of America is what has made the nation great among the nations of the world, truly ‘Out of Many, One’. In practice, the true power lies in the Shadow Government that directs foreign policy as its government has been co-opted by the enemies of true ‘liberty and freedom’ and has been using the U.S. Military to push their Luciferian agenda upon the world.

For example, it has been the USA led initiative primarily at the bequest of Obama‘s handlers in having the wars in the Middle East occur in preparation for their coming AntiChrist. The justification to ‘save’ Christians’ from the murdering Muslims in Syria and Iraq –that is ISIS is none other than an armed al-Qaida that morphed into ISIS who are the very ones that have been murdering, beheading, raping the Christians. It is a prime example of a Full Spectrum Dominance operation presenting a selling point of ‘saving the Christians’ of Iraq to go into Syria to actually destroy them as a collateral benefit in toppling Assad. The point being is that since most of the Christians are concentrated in the USA, the Rapture will be as a ‘freedom and release’ from the clutches of Obama, a type of the Pharaoh that knew not Joseph or his GOD, YHVH. Like Egypt of Exodus, the USA and its proud Pharaoh are beginning to see their end with the Plagues now with Ebola released upon the Land and the Judgment of its Pharaoh, such is the case now.

This military genetically engineered bio-weapon, Ebola has had outbreaks before in Africa. It is naturally common amongst guerrillas for example but the strains seen today are clearly manipulated as beta tests. What is different now is that there is an apparent escalation to have the virus spread through the open and vulnerable soft underbelly of the USA, i.e., its southern border and make it airborne as part of the coming mass forced vaccination and quarantine based on Obama’s signed executive order as it pertains to the USA. Big Pharma stands to make billions on these new vaccines if implemented. Slowly but surely such event like the Plagues, shootings, 9-11s are but a means to concentrate all power to the Pharaoh that like in Egypt, the Israelites, as GOD’s People carelessly found themselves enslaved and in bondage to the evil and cruel Task Masters as their weapons were confiscated and were powerless to defend themselves.

During the time leading up to the Exodus in Egypt, the Task Masters were Jews, Hebrews who sold their countrymen to the ‘federal’ system of Pharaoh. Such were employed by the state to subjugate YHVH’s People. Slowly but surely, GOD’s People found themselves enslaved to the government through labor, property and taxes. It is no different now in that many Pastors of Christian congregations across American have compromised their Flocks and in reality are no better than Federal Task Masters of the likes in the Exodus account. Many do not realize that the reason for ‘membership’ is to obtain tax-exempt status and the ‘list’ is required of the Federal government. As it is now, FEMA works with Clergy Response Teams whose sole purpose is to herd their Flocks to the coming concentration camps set up with gas chambers and ovens.

It is becoming all too evident that these crisis-respond-solution events will be part of the measures needed to be put in place to handle the masses when the U.S. economy collapses and in turn tailspins the world into a need for an economic reset. The collapse is scheduled to occur, precisely on Rosh HaShana and to coincide with the end of the 7th Shmitah and end of the Jubilee count on Yom Kippur of 2015. This ‘freedom and liberty’ will bring the judgment upon spiritual Egypt, i.e., the USA and its President. Why this study strongly infers a connection between the USA and the Jubilee is because the USA is where the Stock Market is housed that controls the world’s economies through their Central Banks and shadow governments. Perhaps as the USA began, it will end with such a Jubilee based on the undoing of its economic hegemony over the nations as was Egypt. The nation’s economy and as the bread basket of the ancient world collapsed as the true ‘freedom and liberty’ of GOD’s People occurred simultaneously.

Market Crash Cycles: 1973  1980  1987 1994  2001  2008  2015
The 7 year cycles have corresponded to the major Stock Market crash cycles and on Rosh HaShana for the most part, the 29th of Elul.

Many thus believe that the USA, whose economic monopoly controls the world as the evil and crewel Task Master as in Egypt of the Exodus has begun to be judged by the Plagues now unleashed upon its Land and its ‘Pharaoh’. Obama will harden his heart until the nation is divested for the treatment of GOD’s People. As it was then, it is even now how Pharaoh wanted population control and forced ‘abortions’ upon GOD’s people. Many believe because of the abortions upon the land since Roe vs. Wade, judgment of America will come. Thus only as a type, perhaps GOD’s People will see this prophetic Jubilee in the form of the Release as the nation is destroyed much like Egypt was. The USA is much like Egypt even topographically. One could consider the Mississippi river and its delta as a mirror of the Nile and its delta. As the Nile runs to the sea going northward, the Mighty Mississippi runs southward off the same latitude.

All along the Mississippi, one will find the same names as those in the Nile. The most prominent city would be that of Memphis where there is actually a pyramid at the edge of the river. The rivers at each nation are also geographically approximating a phi ratio proportion of the land as in the USA’s case from coast to coast. America has a peculiar history of making Covenants with the All Mighty, foremost with the Declaration of Independence related to 1776 and the Liberty Bell. George Washington consecrated the Nation at Ground Zero in New York City by a Covenant. It was at this precise place and end of the Shmitah that the Covenant with America was attached on 9-11. The contention is over which Covenant will prevail, YHVH’s or Lucifers. These attributes are but a glimpse into the spiritual contention between the light and the darkness, those that wish to enslave and subjugate and those that wish to pronounce ‘freedom and liberty’.

Later on towards the end of the American Civil War, President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that like a Moses, released approximately 3 million African slaves. This approximated the same number of the Hebrews that were slaves and released or emancipated by Pharaoh through Moses in Egypt at the time of the Exodus of Israel. Thus it is not a stretch of the imagination to associate the coming Year of Jubilee with the national judgment of the USA and its President as a type of Egypt and Pharaoh as the People of YHVH, oppressed spiritually for the most part are about to be released, as in the Rapture. Consider that most would agree that the highest concentration of Christians is in the USA.

Eve of Obama’s Election, state of Illinois lottery winning number
7-7-7-9 Code: 777 = complete, 9 = Judgment

3 Shmitahs left (7-7-7) - Jupiter comet collision event
Judgment on September = the (9th) month
The Judgment upon the Land and of its Pharaoh

The Historical 49 Year Prophetic Pattern
This study is suggesting that the Rapture event could thus be based on the Biblical Jubilee patterns to either correspond to a Passover, a total solar eclipse event, a Pentecost or Yom Kippur timeframe. Nonetheless, Yom Kippur of September 22, 2015 appears to be a convergence of prophetic timelines and it will be a prophetic milestone for Israel that could signal such events either leading up to it, or soon after. There will be 3 possible dates that the patterns for a Rapture event points to as only a type and shadow. The 1st pattern would be on a Passover as the Israelites were liberated and left Egypt that very night with the last Plague that was pronounced. The 2nd date would be Pentecost as the 49th year leads-up and corresponds to the 50th day that involves the birth of the Church, set free for the Great Commission.

This time and type also corresponds to when the Israelites reaching Mt. Sinai and the Covenant of Marriage, of the Law that was ratified and implemented between Israel and YHVH. As to the Church Age, it has had its own 49 prophetic Jubilee count of 7 weeks of dispensations relative to the 7 Ages or Churches of Asia. Perhaps the last Church Age of Laodicea will witness the final 7 prophetic Week and end of the 49th Year Great Commission to be completed. This 7 fold Witness of the Church’s Great Commission has occurred since Pentecost but in ‘bondage’ prophetically speaking like the Israelites where still in the domain of ‘Egypt’, the land of the spiritual Pharaoh, Lucifer the God of this World. The 3rd and last pattern is at a Yom Kippur itself as this is the date in which the Jubilee was pronounced by the High Priest going into the Temple Holy of Holies to propitiate the Blood as there was ‘silence for ½ hour’. This Yom Kippur feast in a type and shadow is exactly what is occurring in Revelation 4 when John is summonsed before the Heavenly Holy of Holies and YHVH’s Mercy Seat. It is Jesus, as the High Priest that presents His own blood, has but parallels the Jubilee on Yom Kippur.

The Jubilee timeline also has an ‘echo’ of Calvary in a 2 fold manner. One, the planet Jupiter corresponds to the Messiach with the comet collision that occurred in 1994, the middle year based on a Menorah pattern of years spanning the Jubilee cycle. Two, Messiah was crucified on Passover in the midst of the week, Wednesday. Then 49 days after His resurrection, the Holy Spirit was ‘released’ to the Church on Pentecost. This 50th day span parallels the 50th year time-span of the Jubilee. This study suggests that as the liberation or ’release’ of the Temple Mount that was secured during the 6-Day War on Pentecost, perhaps the Jubilee will ensue a prophetic ’release’ of YHVH’s Spiritual Temple, i.e., His Bride in similar way. This could allude to the Rapture of the Bride as was Israel released from the bondage of Pharaoh in Egypt. As far as the Church Age is concerned it will be released at some point before the Wrath that is to come commences. For Israel, the 3rd Temple will be initiated but will be judged.

The entire Jubilee cycle is comprised of 7 segments of 7 years to equal 49 total years.  The Jubilee Year is proclaimed on Yom Kippur of the 49th year. The 50th year is always the 1st year of the next 49th Jubilee cycle. Due to the discrepancy of the Gregorian calendar, the Jewish year encompasses a span between 2 calendar years, i.e., the 50th year 5776 = 2015 Rosh HaShana to 2016 Rosh HaShana. These 7 segments of time are ‘prophetic’ and are seen as ‘Weeks of Years’. They follow the pattern given to Moses for Israel to observe by YHVH. Such segments of time are also considered Shmitahs with the 7th culminating in the Year of Release where specifically, all the Land was returned to its original owner, besides having debts cancelled and slaves as in ‘bond-servants’ freed. This economy would ensure that there would be no perpetual abuse of slave or forced labor, usury and thievery in the Nation of YHVH’s People. This condition for ‘Freedom and Liberty’ did not occur for Israel nor has. Astronomically, the entire 49 year period is pegged to eclipse patterns that are amazingly symmetrical and correlate to the Menorah pattern of 6 arms and 1 stem.

Pictorially, the center stem corresponds to the Milky War, vertically with Jupiter as the center stem. What is very peculiar is that astronomically the Jubilee 49 year pattern is bookended by Tetrads. The focal point or center year is 1991 which is a mirror of itself even. They occur also at the phi ratio proportions and when mirrored to 1994 as opposites. The Tetrad of 1967-68 was associated with Mercury at its beginning of the pattern as the Tetrad of 2014-15 is associated with Uranus at its end. This planetary pattern exactly matches the order of the planets, each corresponding to the color spectrum and peculiarly Jupiter as the planet of the Messiah that corresponds to the center stem, the Servant Stem and the year, 1994. The center stem year of 1994 that astronomically correlates to the planet Jupiter is the year in which Jupiter was pummeled with comet Shoemaker-Levy. This to many was a prophetic sign to Israel and the world of pending judgment as the event that is associated with the planet of Messiah had echoes of Calvary where Jesus on the Cross, as a ‘Jupiter’ was pierced by YHVH’s complete judgment in the midst of the Passover Week.

The ’King Planet’
of Messiach
JULY 17, 1994 on the 9th of Av
The 9th of Av is when the 1st and 2nd Temple were destroyed and thus as a type, the Body of Christ Jesus, whom He said was a Temple at Calvary was ‘destroyed’ but rose on the 3rd Day per the Sign of Jonah.

Comet broke up in exactly 21 pieces, a picture of as if a lance piercing the planet
(7+7+7) = 3 Shmitahs till Judgment or
1994 + 21 year = 2015

Uranus Birthing AntiChrist
Conjunctions with Tetrad Supper Moon on Sukkot 2015

Yom Kippur September 23, 1966 (sunset) to Yom Kippur September 23, 2015 end of day
= 49 years exactly or 2556 weeks

>From June 7, 1967 to Yom Kippur on September 23, 2015
= 48 years, 3 months, 16 days excluding the end date or 2520 weeks

49 years x 120 Jubilees = 5880 years
5880 years – 6000 year dispensation = 120 years
120 year limit x 50 year cycles = 6000 years

Jubilee Omens
As it has been noted, the timing of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ could be tied to the Jubilee Year of Release in 2015. It was a release from Pharaoh, from the Land, the Plagues as the People were bestowed with the plunder. There is an interesting esoteric painting that depicts a woman in a portal or ‘gate’ being ‘raptured’ up. This painting is at the Bank of America in Charlotte, N.C. The event coincides with a total solar eclipse and a comet intersecting the same time period. The context is Egypt with Pyramids in the background as in the possible Year of Release from Bondage and Pharaoh. As the ‘Bride’ is at the background, the child is being introduces to the forefront to prominent world leaders, much like an Obama personage.

Some attribute this depiction of the coming and the unveiling of Prince AntiChrist that is to rule the New World Order or Daniel’s last rendition of the 4th Beast made up of 10 Horns from which this ‘Little Horn’ arises from. Astronomically, a ‘Jubilee’ can be attributed to several Signs of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac. In particular, there is a Jubilee and Rapture theme in the constellations that depicts such a bondage and deliverance to take place. Astronomically Andromeda typifies the current Church Age of the Bride of Christ, although in Christ Jesus, she still is in bondage in the sense that she is behind Enemy Lines, in the Land of Spiritual Egypt with Pharaoh or Lucifer as his evil Task Masters that are allowed to persecute the Church. Like the Hebrews of Egypt, one day she will be released perhaps to coincide with a Jubilee; if at a Passover or Pentecost season or other. The Chained Woman is attached to Pegasus which signifies, ‘deliverance comes swiftly’.

Pegasus is a horse with wings that alludes that the Chained Woman will take flight at her ‘Jubilee’ time of release from the bondage of the Earth and its Pharaoh. The Bride will be transformed as she is taken to the Pavilions of YHVH’s Temple in Heaven where she will sit next to the King of the Universe as the Court in Heaven comes into session. At that point Andromeda, once bound but released is transformed into the Enthroned Woman Cassiopeia that will witness the breaking of the 7-7-7 fold Seal judgment. Astronomically, Cassiopeia typifies the future state of the Bride of Christ Jesus, released from bondage. She takes her seat in the Court of Heaven.

This scene is shown to Daniel in chapter 7 and John in the Book of Revelation. She will be next to the King of the Universe that will be in session to adjudicate the Bride and sentence the Dragon, Lucifer legally out of Heaven, that will be cleansed as a type of Leaven from the House and expelled to his eventually destiny of the Lake of Fire. The timing of the Year of Release was to be a blessing for YHVH’s People. It was an anticipation of hope, of ‘Freedom and Liberty’.  Such was the prescription of Exodus with Moses and the Kings of Israel within the Promised Land.

Ultimately, the greatest Jubilee, as a type came in part when the prophetic time coincided with the birth of Messiah. The literal prophetic fulfilment of the Jubilee started with His public ministry, He proclaimed the Year of Jubilee to be fulfilled in the hearing of the Elders of Zion as Jesus read the Tanakh in the Synagogue of Nazareth. This Jubilee would be the year of release from Humanity’s sin condition and bondage to Lucifer. Sadly for YHVH’s People, they rejected Jesus and thus their opportunity for their Jubilee that is spiritually foremost from sin, death and the type of Pharaoh that Lucifer is. Israel as before, stubbornly refused the LORD’s precepts and rather chose to go into captivity and in bondage as with the Diasporas. Thus Israel was judged instead at the hands of the Romans and exiled to the Nations. Based on some interpretation of End Times, Jesus alluded to there still being a future time to finish Israel’s punishment and an ultimate Jubilee at Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming at the Battle of Armageddon. Based on the year count, the 2nd Coming will not technically be a Jubilee but only in principle as Israel is rescued by Jesus, their Messiah from the assault of the AntiChrist as Jerusalem is surrounded.

Some believe that this next coming Shmitah 7-year cycle staring in Rosh HaShana 2015 will correlate with the unfinished prophetic Shmitah or Daniel’s 70th Week. This is not taking into account any ‘gap theory’ or a possible 3.5 year lull in preparation for the time that will constitute the 7 year Tribulation period with the last 3.5 year or 1260 days of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. In prophetic ’time’, what the study has suggested is that what pegs this possible year of 5776 to the Jubilee Year is the bench mark year of Jerusalem being politically liberated from the Muslims in 1967 and the astronomical sign of Jupiter’s collision with the 21 piece broken-up comet. Many are attributing this 21 piece or a 7-7-7 code to signal that the last 3 prophetic weeks or Shmitahs will commence the last Shmitah that could be Daniel’s last  prophetic 70th Week to finish the punishment of Israel for rejecting YHVH’s Jubilee, the Messiach, Jesus Christ.  The multiple convergence of timelines in 2015 point to the possible year of release that could affect the Church and Israel in a most profound and prophetic way yet to be fully determined.


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