Loni (12 Oct 2014)
"Re: Daily Bible Reading, starting New Testament"

Hello Doves.......
That time of year again, October 12th we start with the New Testament and run through the end of the year. Don't wait until the first of the year to start with Genesis, starting with the NT is a great way to begin.
Read through the King James Bible in one year. You may read on line or join the list to have the Daily Bible Reading sent to your email.

Suggestions: Don't wait for the first of the year to start. Start now and you will read through the entire Bible in one year.

Also, if you get behind, don't become overwhelmed, just delete the unread portions and start fresh, you will read through the Bible in a year.

This is not a Bible study, this is 1/365th (less than two pages) of the Bible, delivered to your email each day.

To join, just click on the link below and press the "Join" button.