Judith (26 Oct 2014)
"Correction to the 194 yr. study - Not 194 Lunar years, but................"

Hi John -

I'm posting my correction to the 194 years that were
added to the Lunar calendar to equal the 6295.7 years -
NOT 194 "Lunar years" that I posted before.  I don't
know what I was thinking - apparently I wasn't!!

Thank you once again.


..................on the Lunar calendar it takes an additional 194 years to equal the 6295.7 years.

See the correction below in "THE NUMBER 194 AND THE RELEVANCE OF THE 

Why I believe the Rapture might occur on December 25, 2014  +  An AMAZING
discovery with the Lunar Cycle!

Currently 2014 on the 365.25/day yr. corresponds to the year 6197 from Adam and our 6197 corresponds to 6288 on the 360/day year from Adam.

In my Calendar Study
I listed a couple of possible dates for the Rapture.  Since then I've discovered othersignificant possibiities and one in particuar (Dec 25) that I truly believe could be the one - I hope so!  

This is what I found.............the date for this year on the 365.25/day year of December 25, 6197 (our 2014 yr.) corresponds to May 14, 6288 (on the  360/day) which corresponds to our May 14, 1948 date as well as the May 14, 2520  date for the arrival on Mt. Sinai at the time of the Exodus.  NOTE:  In the Calendar Study, the Exodus date of March 14, 2520 on the 360/day corresponds to December 25, 2483.8 on the 365.25/day.  So we have
the two dates, i.e. May 14 and December 25 identified several times with historical importance and significance. Also, another example of the December 25 date and its historical value has to do with the celebration of Hannakah.  Traditionally, the date for Hannakah occurs exactly 280 days from the Feast of Passover - i.e. March 14.  Initially, the first Passover occured exactly on the 14th day of March during the Exodus. Dispite our current calendar changes, this date is the original and only REAL 
Passover date for which we will commemorate for eternity - IMO.

Another possibility for the Rapture is our April 10, 2015 (6198/yr. on the 365.25/day which is also the same date (April 10) Noah entered the ark - 7 days prior to the flood.  The April 10 date corresponds to Aug. 31/Sept. 1 on the 360/day yr. which is the date for the Resurrection on the 360/day - see Calendar Study.  Sept. 1 is also Rosh HaShanah &Tishrei 1, the first day of the Jewish year on the civil calendar.

The April 20, 2015 date is the same date the Israelites left Mt. Sinai on the 360/day yr.  This date corresponds to September 10, 6288 on the 360/day yr. which many have concluded was Jesus' birth date.   

Next, and what is a gigantic discovery in this study, is the following - but first a brief review of the Calendar Study............

1.  The study is based on the 360/day and 365.25/day year.

2.  The study begins in March (Creation) and possibly will end in Sept.    on the 360/day but with the additional 75 days will bring the final date to November 24/25 - that is if i have calcuated the correct final dates.  These are purely speculative,  but does have good possibilities IMO.

3.  The various patterns and cycles show their significance and relevance
to this study.

4.  Three numbers, i.e. 183, 214 and 194 were delivered to me by a Godly 
Christian and an exceptionally well educated person - not given to
excessess is any way.  The numbers were given in that order at different
times, but within a 3 month period - according to how the Holy Spirit led.  
This began back in 1993.  During all this time I have been putting the pieces together which ultimately proves all the times/dates are more than coincidences and may even confirm this study - IMO. 

The last number 194 is the number that I have struggled with by not having the significance or purpose intended while continuing with the study.   That is not until just recently, and what I will now reveal in the following:  NOTE:  See study for the significance of 183 and 214 which you'll find at the 4183 and 4214 time frame.


The final count in the Calendar Study on the 360/day year = 6295.7 - that is if my conclusion is correct.  I believe the 194 number could possibly be a confirmation which would then validate the ending date of 6295.7- November 24.  In Haggai 2:19God says "from this day on I will bless you".  There is significance with this date. Could it be the end of the tribulation?

After researching data on the Jewish Calendar, I discovered a simple math 
equation that woud determine the exact number of additional days/years needed to be added to the lunar calendar so that it equals the same number of days in the 360/day calendar ending date of 6295.7.  In the final analysis and to my amazement,  there are exactly 194 additional years to equal the 6295.7 years. I finally found the final piece to the 3 numbers that I was given.  This number has much significance and it's really astounding that the additional years would equal exactly 194.

I won't include those calculations here, but for anyone who wants to investigate further I would be glad to provide the mathematical formula.    I do want to provide one site in particular which was very helpful in having much needed information for this endeavor - http://www.jewfaq.org/calendar.htm.   There is so much good teaching/
instructions on the Jewish Calendar there - I highly recommend it to 

If anyone wants further information I'll provide my e-mail address below.

Keep looking up!

Resting in Him,