Jovial (25 Oct 2014)
"Debunking the Myth that the USA is a Corporation and other falsehoods"

At , it was falsely reported that the United States is a corporation.  Yes, there are a lot of websites spreading this falsehood, but in the following I will debunk this and demonstrate why it simply should not have been passed on.

First off, if you are told something that does not match reality, you should not pass it on as fact.  We select our President and Congress by the constitution.  They are not selected by shareholders of the alleged "USA Inc".  So that is one piece of evidence, evident to all, that should have told you that the allegations that our constitution has been abandoned for incorporation papers is bunk.

Now it would not neccessarily be a big deal if our Federal Government decided to file incorporation papers in order to have standing to sue.  Big deal!  But the courts have ruled that the government CAN file without being a corporation, so no, that is not necessary.

It is true that incorporation papers were filed in the name of "USA Inc", but they were not filed by our government.  Someone may have filed them as a joke.   Considering who the registered agent is, it may have been filed in order to as a marketing ploy to demonstrate how easy it is to form a corporation.

But our Government has never filed any legal action under the name of "USA Inc".  One private citizen tried, and when he did , the incorporation papers were revoked by the courts.  Those incorporation papers are still on file, but our Government did not file them, no action has been taken by the USA Inc as a plaintiff by our Federal Government, one action was taken by a private citizen , and when he did, the courts ruled it invalid. 

2 of the incorporation papers are at

Note that the "Registered Agent" is not a Federal Official of any kind.  You would expect that the "Registered Agent" would be the US Attorney General or perhaps the President of the United States.  The fact that it is not should tell you that this is not legitimately something connected with our Federal Government.  These papers were filed by THE COMPANY CORPORATION , a company that brags at how easy it is to form a corporation.  Rest assured that whoever our government picks as a registered agent, it will be someone in their employment, not some weird private firm begging for business on the internet.  Believe me, if you are well connected enough with the government to get THAT kind of gig - you don't need to beg for business on the internet.  Lawyers pride themselves on getting all their business through referrals.  Lawyers that advertise for business are considered "second class" attorneys in their field and looked down on by their peers who get all their business by word of mouth.

How did these papers even get filed?  Well, the people who filed these papers tried to allege that the proper name for our government is "The United States", not "The United States of America", and the people that filed these incorporation papers tried to make that distinction in the only legal action I was able to dig up under this name.  You can find it at  , but that seems to be the legal action that got the incorporation papers revoked.

At are some more references that debunk the myth that our Government has incorporated itself.

Now there is a lot of false information out there on the internet.  There is a lot of fear mongering.  Any a lot of people out there who read something and come to some sort of false conclusion.  Perhaps some folks read these incorporation papers, and thought it was real.  Of course, anyone who knows what a "Registered Agent" is will quickly realize what is wrong with these incorporation papers.  I read it and noticed that right off the bat and recognized from WHO the "Registered Agent" was that these papers could not be legimitately connected with our Federal Government.  Any attorney would see that in seconds.  But people who don't research or don't understand what they are reading could easily come to false conclusions.

So don't believe all the fear mongering you read on the internet.  And don't pass on something without verifying it.

Given that this turns out to be bunk, what about some of the other wild claims made?  Like the wild claim that the Vatican owns DC?  No, the Vatican does NOT own the District of Columbia, and there is no evidence to support that, and no one should be passing on information like that without first digging up the proof.

Another wild claim made was that "There has not been a US Treasury since 1933".  Well, yes there has been.  you can walk in the treasury building.  The President appoints the Secretary of the Treasury.  It indeed does still exist.  That was another wild claim that flies in the face of reality.  How much reality does one have to ignore to believe this?

A lot of the fear mongering that is out there on the web is based on people who understand just enough about the law to be dangerous.   For example, echoed an error taught at many fear driven web sites about the difference between alloidial and fee simple ownership.  Fee Simply does not mean you don't own the land - it simply means your ownership is subject to two things; paying taxes on the land and eminent domain.  The government can seize your land for a higher purpose; like if they want to build a highway and your house is in the way.  But they MUST pay you fair market value for your house if they do.  They cannot simply seize it.  So while your ownership rights have limitations, the government's ownership rights have limitations subject to the person holding its title too!  It is not a one way restriction.

Also, the fact that you are the "tenant" of a property does not mean you are not the "owner".  You can be both the tenant and the owner.  The "Owner" is who owns the property, and you own it as long as you keep paying taxes.  The Government cannot own it unless you stop paying taxes or they compensate you for it.  So the Government's right to own your land is more severly restricted than your right to own your land.  They can't seize it for just any reason.

The "tenant" is whoever lives there.  If you live in a house you own, you are both the owner and the tenant.  If you rent it out, you are the owner, the person you rent it to is the tenant.  But the fact that someone is listed as "tenant" on a deed does not mean they are "renting" their property.  But my title deed says I'm the owner and I haven't even paid off my property yet.

There were a lot of other wild claims made without any proof.  I am going to ask that proof be supplied for these claims.  Among them were;