John B (26 Oct 2014)
"Two Recipes from God..........Did He mix up the Ingredients or did we?"


If God personally provided us with two recipes for something, would you expect that He would be accurate with the ingredients or that the ingredients would be mixed up?

If He gave us a recipe for chocolate chips cookies and beef stew……. you certainly wouldn’t expect beef to show up in the cookie recipe or chocolate chips to show up in the stew recipe. Why….. because He is a God of extreme order and correctness.

If He listed the ingredients of these recipes I can only assume that He would list them with great care and in perfect order so that the no one following His instructions would interchange the ingredients, mixing up the recipes and ending up with a false prescription or false concoction.

Our God is a God of extreme order in all things and I believe that any message (recipe) that He may have given us needs to be followed exactly as He laid it out………so no hunks of beef end up in the cookies.

I am sure by now you are wanting to know where I am going with this line of thought? Well, God did give us two very important recipes that He wanted us to follow without interchanging the ingredients.

God gave us two recipes in Revelation 13. One recipe was for the first beast we call the antichrist and one recipe was for the second beast we call the false prophet.

God was very accurate and precise with the recipes for both of these beasts. His ingredients were…….He dedicated 8 verses specifically and inclusively to the first beast and He dedicated 8 verses specifically and inclusively to the second beast totaling 16 verses. These verses compose the exact recipes / descriptions for both beasts and are not to be interchanged unless you want an incorrect description of the beasts……or beef tasting cookies.

To insure that we would not mix up His ingredients / descriptions concerning these greatly important recipes God added a strong separation between these recipes so that the descriptions of these beasts would not blend together. He added 2 verses directly in the center of these 16 verses.

These 2 verses in the center have absolutely nothing to do with the two beasts or their descriptions, they cause a break, a strong separation or a change of subject matter so that we would know not to mix up or blend His recipe……..but we did !!!! We managed to do exactly what He wanted us to avoid, we put chocolate in with the beef.

We took a verse from the specific and inclusive description of the second beast and added it to the description God gave us of the first beast causing us to skew or contaminate His recipe.

We took verse 18 one of the 8 verses which were supposed to be dedicated to the second beast and assigned it to the description of the first beast. This has led to great confusion of late because many people now see that this re-assignment doesn’t fit……. we have screwed up God’s recipe.

The verse and puzzle piece I speak of is taking verse 18 the “666 verse” that should be the last description of the second beast and re-assigning that description to the first beast or the antichrist. This never should have happened. Who was it that originally re-assigned this verse and then poured it in concrete as truth to mislead and confuse? One of Satan’s minions perhaps.

The consequences of falsely re-assigning this verse to the antichrist in my humble opinion has led to many people (also many Doves) being confused because the current events that are staring them in the face…… don’t add up.

For years now many people I consider brilliant have taken many forms of mathematical and language numbering systems to seemingly prove that Barack Obama is the first beast or the antichrist. It’s virtually impossible to refute the case they have built against Obama as being the “man” that is affiliated / married to the number 666.

But if someone has skewed God’s recipe and taken a verse out of context (as I believe they have) then these same brilliant people have proven without a doubt that Obama is the second beast…..the false prophet……and not the antichrist.

Why do you suppose God labeled some man as…… the false prophet?

I guess that this man would prophesize or proclaim what he would do or what would happen or proclaim any number of other facts about himself or others and then a very large percentage of these proclamations would turn out to be false. False to the degree of … can’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Does this sound like our Christian / Muslim president from Hawaii / Kenya / Pakistan who has been caught lying to the American people and the world on a mind numbing number of occasions?

Now that we are staring down the gun barrel of the end times events exploding in our face…… honest……is Obama a fit for the antichrist or the false prophet.

If one of Satan’s minions in times past hadn’t skewed God’s recipe in Revelation 13 by taking verse 18 out of God’s context everyone would be proclaiming with a loud voice that Obama is……. and will become the false prophet.

I have spent many many hours studying the attributes of the antichrist as God has described him in Revelation 13, Daniel and especially Revelation 17 and I see no possible way that Obama is the antichrist…….. but he is a shoe-in for the false prophet. I believe that when one comes to this conclusion the murky end times waters become much clearer.

I could write many more pages on this topic as I did several years ago on Doves to reinforce my opinions but I won’t. But I will say that some of the strong skeptics from that era have been forced (I believe) to alter their beliefs on who Obama is and who he will become.

Blessings Doves…….John B