John B (12 Oct 2014)
"Cut to Pieces?"


Prepare for the possibly of the United States being cut to pieces.

The bible says that Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone and anyone or any country that injects itself into the affairs of Israel concerning Jerusalem will be cut to pieces.

At this time the United States Supreme Court has jumped into the fray and will vote on whether Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel or is an independent entity that the world powers can determine the fate or jurisdiction of.

Here’s the article…..

This matter was seemingly settled in 2002 when the US Congress voted to recognize Jerusalem as belonging to Israel but now our Muslim president wants that changed and wants the new world order to control Jerusalem and its fate.

God help us if our Supreme Court votes Obama’s way. When God says cut to pieces I am sure that’s exactly what He means.

If the vote goes Obama’s way I can only imagine what cataclysms could befall the US.

It’s my understanding that the Yellowstone Caldara is active and could erupt at any time. So also is Mount Saint Helens, the New Madrid fault and other faults in the US that could literally……..cut us to pieces……and bury us in ash.

I pray those Godless liberals in our Supreme Court will think long and hard before they make a decision. Will they choose Obama / Satan’s game plan concerning Jerusalem or God’s? I believe the fate of the United States hangs in the balance.

Blessings……..John B