John B (12 Oct 2014)
"RE: Marilyn Agee.....Double buckle your seat belt...........This post will make for a very rough end times ride"


Thank you for the response to my post from last week.

I have followed your posts on Doves for many years. You appear to be a dear Christian lady on fire for the Lord ……and I respect that greatly. You appear to have been a loyal “watchman” (watchwomen) awaiting Christ’s return for decades and will undoubtedly receive the crowns spoken of for being such a loyal observer / witness / evangelist.

I know from your posts that you can’t wait to see Jesus our Savior and also again wrap your arms around your husband that you mention often and love so much. It appears to me that you will not have a long wait.

I know from following your posts over the years that you believe in more than one rapture and you believe that the first rapture happens in Revelation 4.

From my posts which you have obviously read, I am sure you can gather that I don’t subscribe to any of your rapture beliefs. I don’t believe the rapture happens in Revelation 4 and I don’t believe in multiple raptures. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person in your eyes.

I indeed wish you were right, in that, there were multiple raptures but I don’t believe scripture backs up that assumption.

I believe God’s words in Revelation 9:20-21 discount multiple raptures. After the first and only rapture and after God the Father’s end time army spoken of in Joel 2, Revelation 9, Ezekiel 37 and other areas of scripture has killed a third of the planet……then His words in Revelation 9:20-21 come into play. He says twice….the rest of mankind did not repent. So why would you send out a second or third rapture to people who refuse to repent?

As per your belief that the rapture happens in Revelation 4.….

In Revelation 4 John the apostle is “singularly” harkened to the throne room of heaven to view all the events that transpired there. “Come up here, and I will show you (John) things which must take place after this.” Rev.4:1

He is there alone (no church) and the only place the church shows up there (in Revelation 4) at that time..….. is in a song… a song sung by the four living creatures and the twenty four elders as per Revelation 5:9. They (the church) don’t show up physically but only show up in a song.

If we the church were also called up along with John at that timeframe (Rev.4) there would be and should be major biblical press coverage of this monumental event……and there is none.

But when this monumental biblical event, the rapture, does happen….. sometime during the days, weeks or months which constitute the period and multiple happenings of the sixth seal there is indeed major biblical press coverage as we triumphantly march into heaven with our white robes singing and waving palm branches as per Revelation 7:9 and following.

I believe the rapture happens during the timeframe of the sixth seal because the seals are (as I stated in my recent posts) loving interventions which spanned centuries…..they are not judgments.

If they were terrible judgments as Satan would have us believe then there would have been no joy in heaven when someone was found to open these so called… terrible seals judgments.

But instead, there was unbridled extreme unprecedented joy by all the players in heaven and on earth (Revelation 5) when Jesus the sacrificial lamb…. the only one worthy….. stepped forward to take the scroll containing the seals from the right hand of God the Father.

He was the only one in the universe who could step forward…… to punish?? No, to intercede!!

For, He had laid down His own life and had paid the ultimate price for His believers redemption. He purchased us with His own blood while suffering an excruciating death on the cross. This gave Him and only Him the right to intercede for us whenever He chose to….. from when His church was first started. Which explains the extreme joy in heaven when He took control of the seals.

And as per scripture He has and will intercede for us 7 major times. These interventions are described in the texts of the seven seals spanning 2000 years when the church came under extreme peril while under Satan’s onslaught. My recent posts explain all of these intercessions / interventions in detail.

These were and are all grand intercessions but in my opinion the grandest of all will be when He intercedes during the time frame of the sixth seal. It is then when He will come to intercede by “extracting us” from harms way at the rapture / great resurrection just prior to His wrath starting. I believe this will happen soon (next year) just prior to the seven year period of tribulation called the time of Jacobs trouble which I believe will start in September when God’s two end time witnesses show up.

All the assorted signs and happenings that God told us to look for just prior to His coming are staring us in the face. The table is set for the multiple scenarios that play out during the timeframe of the sixth seal to begin.

Gog’s demonic forces (those who have bought into Islam) are amassing in the Middle East at an unprecedented rate……. A speed that no one expected. They are on a “fast forward” demonic mission to eradicate Israel.

When they…..ISIS, Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Boko Haran, etc. etc. etc. etc. believe they are strong enough they will attack Israel from multiple directions. And from their perspective it can’t come too soon. They are formulating and orchestrating their plans as we speak. They have at least a hundred thousand missiles aimed at Israel and their ground personnel are increasing daily. The Pakistani Muslims just announced today that they are joining the fight. You can expect untold millions of these Muslims to join the caliphate in the very near future either directly or indirectly.

They will not rest until Israel is a nation no more and every Jew has been slaughtered.

They will fire these untold thousands of missiles and do extreme damage to the state of Israel and its people. But when the fate of Israel is in the balance, God the Father will personally intervene on Israel’s behalf as per Ezekiel 38 and 39.

God in Ezekiel 38 answers the prayer of the Psalmist exactly as it was prayed in Psalms 83:13-18. And He will do much more than that when He exposes Himself (His face) to Israel’ enemies and He then uses His exceedingly great end times army to do to the Muslims and their supporters exactly what they had planned for the Jews…….He eradicates them and their supporters all over the planet……over two billion of them.

Just as in the many bible stories of the old testament where evil plots were made against the Jews and God turned those plots 180 degrees letting the evil plots fall on the planners. The same will happen with this demonic Muslim plot, it will be turned 180 degrees and dispensed on the followers of Islam and their supporters.

As I have stated before I believe we may still be here just prior to the rapture to witness what the God of Israel (our triune God) does to Israel’ enemies. The Ezekiel 38 conflict and the sixth seal rapture appear to happen at the same timeframe due to many overlapping scripture verses as I have stated in recent posts.

With that in mind, I believe this would be the greatest witnessing tool ever …….when the world sees (through the world wide media ) what our God will do on the mountains of Israel and around the world. This should result in all the “uncommitted Christian fence sitters” on the planet having the opportunity to choose. Will it be “all in” for our triune God ( God the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit) or choose any of the other false gods? No one alive could ever then say that they didn’t have the opportunity to choose the right path.

I may be wrong but it appears to me that this whole scenario will play out between now and next September.

Scenario meaning….the resurrection of the dead in Christ, the resurrection of the whole House of Israel, the Ezekiel 38 conflict, the eradication of Israel’ enemies, the sealing of the 144,000, the combining of the dead in Christ with the alive in Christ to be changed in the twinkling of an eye to our spirit bodies and then to be extracted from the planet to meet Jesus in the clouds and taken to a place of safety.

Not to forget…… a world wide earthquake, sun appearing black (there is a solar eclipse in the spring), moon appearing red (there are three blood moons between now and next September), the sky rolling up like a scroll (maybe this is what happens when God the Father passes through our atmosphere when He comes to Israel’ defense soon), Satan’s angels expelled from heaven and cast to earth, unbelievable fear and panic when God the Father personally displays “His face” to parts of the planet and melts said places and peoples, as in… Damascus was there in the evening and in the morning it was gone, as in… men’s eyes and tongues were melted from their heads before their bodies could hit the ground, as in….all classes of human beings hiding themselves in reinforced structures (caves) to hide themselves from the “Face” of Him who sits on the throne.

The bible says that men’s hearts will fail when they witness these things that will befall the planet…….there is no doubt in my mind that men‘s hearts will fail due to extreme fear.

But for those of us who are steeped in the Word, God tells us to fear not…..fear not…..fear not. Our faith in Him and His word will have to be at its strongest if these events happen before the rapture and we witness them……and I believe they do.

So Marilyn, double buckle your seat belts… should be quite the show for the next 10 months or so.

Hollywood productions will seem quite pale when contrasted against the show that God the Father and Jesus are going to present. And it will be presented on the biggest screen you have ever seen.


Blessings Marilyn…….John B

PS…. During this post I referred several times to my recent posts so for those who haven’t read them and would like to I will copy them below.

PPS…..Something that I mentioned above that I want all who read this to ponder.

When a life force as powerful as God the Father who as per Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 6 is coming to earth from heaven or from another dimension and then passes through earth’s atmosphere in His physical state of “extreme pure light energy” ……what does it do to that atmosphere?

Could it be that that atmosphere is …….rolled up like a scroll? (Rev.6:14) And could this cause not a regional but a world wide earthquake and move the mountains and land masses out of there existing places?……… I for one believe it could