Jim Bramlett (19 Oct 2014)
"Jesus is appearing to Arabs!"

Dear friends:

For many years now, Jesus has been supernaturally appearing to Muslims in dreams and visions, causing them to believe in Him.  This has been carefully documented, and is clearly an act of God’s mercy and grace in these last days.

This week, I had a surprise visit from an old friend from some 30 years ago.  It was Frank Costenbader, who as a young man was Associate Pastor and later Pastor of a church I attended in Virginia in the mid-1980s.  He now lives in Austin, Texas, and is the Director of a ministry called Manifold Hope.  He has a Web site dedicated to this phenomenon of Jesus appearing to Muslims.   It is at http://www.isadreams.org.

Do you see the word “Isa” in the site address?  That is the Arabic word for Jesus. 

Just when I am about to give up on Arabs (I lived in Saudi Arabia for a year), Jesus comes along and reminds me that He died for them too and that many of them will be in His Kingdom.

Frank and I had several hours of great reminiscing, fellowship, and prayer, plus lunch at Panera Bread.  He is a greatly anointed brother. 

Frank’s ministry is associated with that of another old friend, Christine Darg, author and host of television’s Exploits Ministry. Christine has written four books and produced scores of TV documentaries. In 2006, she wrote Miracles Among Muslims: The Jesus Visions.  She and her husband Peter founded CBN TV’s news bureau in Jerusalem in 1982, and they worked in the African Revivals for five years with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

Again, check out Frank’s site at http://www.isadreams.org, and also Christine’s.

God bless you,