Jennie (12 Oct 2014)
"3 Visions in 2014"


I had 3 Visions, this year 2014.
1.  I saw the number 2014 floating all around me in different sizes, and fonts.  This Vision lasted all night.  Even woke up to use bathroom and went back to sleep and 2014 was back!
2.  Heard , "  70"     I prayed to the Lord about keeping my eye on Israel's countdown and not following the Jubilee year dates, because for next year to be a Jubilee, the Great Tribulation hasn't started yet, and Jubilee means    ALL THINGS NEW.  About two days later, I heard whispered in my Vision at night, the number 70 twice.  So, I am only focusing on Israel's timeline and no one elses.  Israel is 66 this year,  by November of this year, they will be 66 1/2, thus leaving us 3 1/2 years until 2018 when Israel turns 70 and it will be a Jubilee.
Note:  A lot of people think that we are not in any of the Tribulation yet, but Seals 1-5 have been opened.  Just watch what is going on in the world???   In 2011 the Pale/Green horse was seen on tv by the whole world to see.  That was when the final horse was released.   That was 2011.  If you subtract  2018 from 2011, you have 7 years.   I personally believe that when the 6th Seal is opened, that is when the Rapture will happen at the same time???  Just a thought, not written in stone.
3.  Three nights ago, I heard in a Vision, " Mashiach is Coming!"   I had to look up what Mashiach meant, and it means   KING.   WOW!
I truly believe Jesus is coming for us before 2014 is over, with all these Visions coming to me lately, one can't help but to wonder??  
Not here to argue with anyone's different views on Tribulation, just sharing my view.
                                                                                                 YSIC  Jennie