Jean Stepnoski (26 Oct 2014)
"Days of Noah (Cheshvan 10 and 17) : Days of Transformation"


   The rains which ushered in the Great Flood in the days of Noah began on month 2, day 17. Many scholars believe this was the month of autumnal Cheshvan  rather than spring Iyar. When are Cheshvan 10 and 17 in 2014? Cheshvan 10 will be Sunday 11-2 to Monday 11-3. For the U.S.A. it will be the day before the midterm elections on 11-4. Coincidence? In the days ahead, as voters vote early or prepare to vote, most will expect life to go on as it always has for America and the world.  Life as usual. Voting, by its very nature, implies expected continuity of normal circumstances for 2, 4, or 6 year periods ahead. Most voters will have decided on candidates and issues as of 11-3. Important? Yes. The VALUES we choose to UPHOLD go into eternity with us. These are part of the personal data files which the Messiah/Christ will assess and judge. The Bema.
   As of Cheshvan 10, concerning those other than the 8 of the family of Noah, all the rest were completely unaware that they were living the last blissful and golden days of their customary lives. They had NO idea the tumult of rain, then deluge, was about to suddenly begin and continue for 40 worsening days and nights. All these realities were beyond their imaginings and possible understandings. Deluge, flood, terror, despair, and massive deaths were just before them. They were in THE LATTER DAYS OF THE LATTER DAYS, THE LAST DAYS of eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, planting and building, and buying and selling. Clueless were they, each and nearly all of humankind, other than 8 individuals. Cheshvan 10 to 17 was a CUSTOMARY period for most. Noah and his family were no longer available for preaching and answering any questions. No more outreach. Over. As of Cheshvan 10, they became SEPARATE from the other group and from the customary lives they had known. The CARE of pairs of clean and unclean animals and birds became their focus and work. Each day after Cheshvan 10, these 2 groups had less and less in common with each other. In the Scriptures 2 is a number to signify DIVISION and SEPARATION. Their activities and expectations were of worlds apart. THE GREAT DIVIDE and THE SEPARATION were accomplished on Cheshvan 10!
   THE LITTLE FAMILY was SET APART and ESCAPED the fate of the many as of Cheshvan 10! Spiritually, the die was cast. At the conclusion of 8 days of work and mourning for Methuselah, the following were safely aboard The ARK OF LIFE and HOPE and PRESERVATION: the 8 of the Noah family, the animals and birds, personal belongings, provisions, feed and seed and straw. DAYS OF TRANSFORMATION.
   So there were 2 DAYS of DIVISION and SEPARATION: the earlier was on Cheshvan 10 and the later on Cheshvan 17. Will 11-2 to 3 or 11-9 to 10 be the time of The Third Day of division and separation (of the heaven bound from the earth dwellers)? The date of 11-3 will be Day 3 of the Scriptural Week. At sundown will begin Day 4, the midst of the menorah day.   According to The Book of Revelation, after entering at the open door, Christ will be seen in Heaven, standing in the midst of the menorah. From 11-9 to 10 will be the Day 1 of the Scriptural Week. WHO WILL SOON ESCAPE THE SNARE OF THE FOWLER? "As the Days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the son of man be." Premier Days of Noah: Cheshvan 10 and 17. Days of Transformation during Cheshvan in 2014?
With Love and Shalom,