Jan J (26 Oct 2014)
"To Charles & All - Shmita & Rapture"


Charles ~

You did an awesome job tying various aspects of the coming Rapture together:
10 Virgins
Rosh Hashana
Yom Kipper
6th Seal
Remember, we can know the seasons and the closeness, but only the Father knows the date.  Your thoughts on this add to the excitement of the day we go to be with the Lord!  You've shown there are many signs (see above) that tie in to the glorious moment of the Rapture.
I believe that the Rapture with so many people missing, could very possibly contribute to the beginnings of the tribulation due to the total chaos that will ensue when we are gone. Although the groundwork is
subtly and tacitly being laid for the world rule of antichrist, this will be
what is 'needed' to bring so-called order (of which there is none) to the
final 7 years before the 2nd part of the Lord's return, as triumphant King.