Harley Q (26 Oct 2014)
"Our Temple"

Hello Fellow Watchers,

I know I should have written this in a while back, but didn't think of it.  This will likely have value to some but maybe not so much to others. 

Roughly, about 4 months ago I received "Word" that I needed to eat red meat all the time.  Upon praying the reason for it was this:

The Jewish people marked their houses in Egypt with the blood of fresh killed lamb, during the time of Moses.  The temple was also used to provide sacrifice of fresh blood, before the covenant released The Spirit, to us.

Not everyone believes we are at that time, but many of us know that we are living in the time when Grace (the Spirit) will be withdrawing from the world.  Or already has.

That being said, and our bodies being defined as the temple, we need to be marked from the inside.  Therefore, red meat.  Upon prayer I was prompted to eat only lamb and beef, no pork or chicken.

As such, I eat beef for sure at least once every two days (it takes roughly a couple of days to fully digest).  Even if it is only a small piece of jerky, or beef pepperoni stick. 

Only once in this timeframe I have missed doing this and the nightmares, not just from myself but others in my household were really rough.  I hurt all over and I also felt really sick and shaky.  I don't miss anymore. 

I don't know if anyone else will find this useful, but thought it may be worthwhile to share. 

Have a great day!

Those who hear not the music,
         think the dancers mad....