Gino (12 Oct 2014)
"three out of four of the blood moons"

I had a question that Iím sure that many here will be able to answer, since for me it remains perplexing.

There is much that has been written about the blood moons, and their prophetic impact.

Especially noted is that they happen on Israelís Passover & Tabernacles.

For the 2014 blood moons, neither one of them was visible in Israel.

In 2015, only one of them will be visible in Israel.

Please view the following two links:

2014 Passover blood moon                 (not visible in Israel)

2014 Tabernacles blood moon            (not visible in Israel)

Then for next year:

2015 Passover blood moon                 (not visible in Israel)

2015 Tabernacles blood moon            (the only one that will be visible in Israel, at moonset)


So, if these are to be prophetic signs, particularly for Israel, then why canít they see 3 of them in the land?