Gerry Almond (19 Oct 2014)
"Are we finally at the end of our watch?  I think so."

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Some know that since 2011, I have tried to show the “overlay” of the days of Noah onto today's regathering of modern Israel.  After all, God, through Paul in Romans 11 promised the Jews a restoration.  Many days were to pass during which the “age of grace” would exercise a pull on the gentile world ultimately bringing in the “fulness of the gentiles”.  This so-called overlay of time onto today's Israel came about this way:

On August 29, 1897, Israeli hero Theodor Herzl opened the VERY FIRST Zionist Congress in Switzerland, during which the groundwork was begun to send Jewish settlers back to Palestine.  It was accepted by the then ruling British Empire in exchange for Israel backing of Britain's war with the Ottoman Empire.  I believe that this began a count of 120 years of 360 days each (as it was in Noah's pre-flood world, for a total of 43,200 days).  From August 29, 1897 through day 43,200, one counts to December 7, 2015.  The final count of 2,595 days (2,520 of the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy plus the 75 days of Daniel 12 added to it = 2,595 days) are at the very end of the count.  Thus the final days began October 29/30, 2008 with now President Obama's speech to the world announcing his plans to change it through the end of the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy which ends September 23, 2015.  The remaining 75 days are here added.  This end date is the Feast of Atonement. 

This leaves the very intriguing idea that the remaining sign of Noah, that is a seven days call into the ark, and a solar years worth of days in the ark will yet be fulfilled.  The reason is Jesus saying in Matthew 24:   that “as it was in the day of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man”.  I reason a three part sign, as indicated.  I am still looking for parts 2 and 3.  Based on this article, I now believe the 7 days to be October 19-25 this year.  The remaining year will be October 26 this year through October 25, 2015.

                                          THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST 

I believe that there is proof positive that Jesus birthday was December 25.  It occurred on “second Tabernacles” which is called Hanukkah.  In the year 00.  Here is the positive proof of the date.  The gematria of the name Jesus (Matt 1:25...”you shall call His name JESUS (888) for He will SAVE (Savior – 14) His people from their sins” is the key.  Multiply His name, that is Jesus
Savior and you will have the days of His life.

888 x 14 = 12,432.  Divide this by a solar year of 365.24219 days and you have 34 years and 14 days.  Divide this figure between His gestation period (conception to birth) of 280 days and His life span of 12,152 days to get the following

280 days conception to birth
12,152 days birth to death on the cross

Calculate back now from the known date of His death, which was Passover (April).  He was crucified and died on April 3, 33, when He was 33 years of age.  From April 3 backcounting 12,152 days one arrives at December 25, 00.  Further backcounting 280 days one arrives at the
Spring solstice March 21, 00.

Numbers don't lie.  This brings me to a startling conclusion regarding this miraculous birth and the program of God that brought it about.  That conclusion is that, while the ancients expected the Messiah to be born on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, and they were correct, God, by judgment set aside this glorious Feast due to idolatry of the Jews and gave them in its place a lesser version called Hanukkah in circa 166 B. C.  “Late in time, behold Him come, offspring of the virgin's womb” says the carol.  It is true, He came not only in the later years but at the later
Feast because of the sin of His people, the Jews.

                                             THE JEWS:  THEIR LOSS OUR GAIN

This brings another sad conclusion for them but a triumph for us.  They lost the glorious Feast of Tabernacles, but we, the Church of Jesus Christ, gained it.  Specifically, we gained especially the last day of that Feast which consisted of the tearing down of the booths (a representation of our shedding our bodies) and going through the massive eastern gate (a representation of the rapture of the body).  Israel would have been raptured had they not rejected Messiah.  This is a very tragic loss to them, but a very blessed gain to us!

This is why the final count of the 70th week of Daniel lands on Atonement and excludes Tabernacles.  They no longer have Tabernacles, but must wait 60 days for Hanukkah.  Also, the
Feast of Hanukkah has as its central theme, the lighting of the Temple.  While Tabernacles had that in it also, the central theme of Tabernacles was rapture.  God placed Hanukkah at or near Christmas each year as a reminder, I believe, of what they had lost.

                                                      THE CALENDAR

I have a conviction that the Jewish calendar is at least ten days off.  I know they use the phases of the moon to set it, but maybe even this is off as well.  Strange things have happened as recorded in God's Bible such as 2 Kings 20:11.  There, the shadow of the sun retreated upon the dial by 10 degrees.  My personal belief is that there were no “backyard” dials in those days.  The sun dial spoken of here was an agricultural calendar which measured the seasons and years.  I envision a circle of stones, perhaps 360 of them in an acre or more field.  Hezekiah saw the shadow of the sun retreat on those stone an amount of time equivalent to 10 days.  A second witness occurred in 1988 which, I believe, reset the time lost in Hezekiah's day.  It occurred on what would have been Rosh Hashanoh, 1988.  September 12/13 was the time.  At sunset on September 12 there was an annular eclipse of the sun.  That prevented seeing the first sliver of the new moon.  On September 13, the second day allotted to them for setting the new year saw the moon below the horizon in Jerusalem, thus preventing seeing the first sliver of the new moon.  This conundrum was solved by the head guys when they set the new year to be the same day as the Feast of Atonement, September 22, 1988.  I believe God reset the time right then and there.  If so, we MUST add 10 days to all dates.  That makes the final day of Tabernacles this year to be October 25/26, ten days later.  Note a solar eclipse October 23, WHICH IS 3 DAYS BEFORE.  Darkness?

The Revelation speaks of the “pestilence that walketh in darkness”.  Could that be ebola?

                                         THE SUN MAY NOT BE OUR FRIEND

Right now, there is a massive, double earth sized spot on the sun that is coming around to be earth facing in about 5 days or October 24.  It has already spewed out a massive flare that if is had been earth aimed, it would have been disastrous.  Is God preparing to wipe our all the grids of electric power?  If so, all wars will have to be on foot or horseback, just as the Revelation describes.  Surely He will take His people before such a catastrophic event, if such is to occur.  If this mass if ejected toward earth, earthquakes of 7 or better are predicted in several places already.  Places such as Japan, Philipines, Sumutra, India, etc.  And of course, California and the Mississippi River valley.  Tsuamis could well occur also.

                                                  A COUPLE OF VISIONS

One visionary reported on March 18, 2007 seeing a large ball with the number 26 on it, coming down from heaven and it suddenly burst into thousands of smaller balls with the number 26 on them.  Could be referring to October 26, this year.  Another report now is “I had a dream and in my dream there was a calendar, and there was a voice in my head that said, “between October 22 of this year and before Halloween, something will happen”.  (Revelationnow101 reported this).
Five Doves has reported many drawings by Nicole Poon indicating the nearness of the end of the age, I believe.  Others have seen almost unbelievable things all seeming to point to the nearness of the end of the age. 


I think we have arrived right now.


Gerry Almond