Frank Molver (19 Oct 2014)
"Don't go fishing for danger, dream"


Had a brief dream last night
Was at a hot fishing spot.
It was on a very high bank with a very narrow trail above it
The footing was poor.
A friend of mine who is a skilled fisherman was very eager to take this risk
I remember telling him not to go fishing for danger.
I then woke up and realized it mean more then that.
Several co workers do rock climbing and other extreme sports
One of their friend risk takers died last year in an avalanche
I believe God warned one of his friends about this by a sudden gust of wind over his head when he asked God about him.
But you know many of us do fish for danger.
It is not only sports but what we allow ourselves to be exposed to.
or get involved in.
The Lord is coming very soon
May he find our feet in solid places