Frank Molver (12 Oct 2014)
"Dow Satanic signal Oct 9? 666 traded 26 times"

Here is an intersting event that happened Thursda
Is it a signal for the Satanist economic manipulators in the ecomic world?
The Rothchilds are believed to be great manipulators of the market
The do have very Satanic alleginces as we have documented here in the past
Jerry Golden has an excellent piece on that .
During the Napoleonic wars, the Rothchilds would make loans to both England and France in amounts of 666,666 ducats, etc. Seemed to be either their number of worship or the interest they expected when paid back in round numbers.
BTW 26 represents Good News in Bible numerology
However, thats what these guy think
I think not
Even Bob Pisani knows by now that the European Close seems to create a trend-reversal moment intraday that few machines (and even fewer humans) are willing to fight. Whether this is remnants of short-term cycles found due to POMO or just a drop in liquidity is unclear; but what is clear, it happens, and all too regularly... except today. After a notably weak start to the day, the machines were just getting revved up for the 1130ET reversal to kick in and lift the market back to VWAP when a curious thing happened... "someone" canceled-and-replaced orders for 666 contracts 26 times in the 1130ET to 1200ET period... and selling accelerated lower, no reversal, to close at the lows on heavy volume.