Fay (26 Oct 2014)
"Tom Horn Weird Connections"


Hi John and Doves,

In Tom Horn's editorial on Mark Flynn's new book, "Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth", I was struck by a particular paragraph. Tom remarks on the Great Seal of the USA and it's symbolism. I know this is known to most of you and you may feel it's 'old news' but this article is full of new information and well worth your time. A 'must read'.


The paragraph I refer to is about three quarters down the page. However, the entire article is fascinating. The main gist is the ceremony that was conducted on April 15th, 1791. It was conducted to dedicate the USA (covertly) to Isis, who was the chief of the feminine mystery deities and the prototype of the stellar, Virgo. The Bush family feature in the article - which got me thinking about the secret society, 'Skull and Bones' and their weird 322 number. Doing a bit of calculator bashing, I found that 2014 minus 1791 (year of the dedication ceremony) is 223 years - which is 322 reversed. Is it just a bizarre coincidence that 2014 saw the rise of ISIS in the Middle East? It's terror spreading into 1st world countries? 2014 has also seen the ugly emergence of the Ebola plague - also threatening to spread world wide. The other weird coincidence is the name of Egypt's military leader - Sisi, which is ISIS reversed. Isaiah 19:4 prophesies that Egypt will be governed by a cruel leader in the end times and that Egypt will be a victim. General Sisi of Egypt is a main mover and shaker in trying to broker peace between Israel and the PA - posing as a peace maker and voice of reason.

Either I'm good and ready for a fitting of a designer tin foil hat or there is something in all this. It seems way too obvious. The signs in the sun, moon and stars are amazing too. Blood moons and comets etc.

Praying for all Christians. May Almighty God protect and bless us all.