Fay (19 Oct 2014)
"Gino re 4 Blood Moons"


Hi John and Doves,

Your post was fascinating - having the illustrations showing the path of the 4 blood moons. There are a vast number of Jewish people living all over the world. Lunar signs are for the Jews - solar signs for the gentiles (as you know). Perhaps the first 3 blood moons are warning signals to ALL Jews in the diaspora. They are visible to the world outside Israel. They are also wake up calls to watching Christians (and the world) - that war is coming to Israel. The final blood moon - Tabernacles 2015 - signals the final warning to Israel that the warring hordes in the ME are now coming specifically for her. This final blood moon could very well signal the last 3 and half years for Israel. The Bible timeline is specific. Israel has 70 final years. As of Tabernacles 2015, Israel has 3 or so years left. THEN the world will KNOW that Jesus is LORD - for prophecy will unfold - to the letter.

Just my take on the blood moons, brother!