Fay (12 Oct 2014)
"Jennie - re Blood Moons"


Hi John and Doves,

Jennie - I'm with you all the way. We are going into the last 3 and half years that were decreed for Israel and their final 70 weeks. The Bible is very specific. I don't hold with any theory now - other than Bible believing Christians will be taken away before 'the wrath of the Lamb'. The controversy seems to lie with pre trip, mid trib, post trib kind of arguments. I take comfort from the Bible that tells me we are not going to suffer "wrath". Jack Kelly's latest article talks about how we are all suffering the Birth Pangs that our LORD talked about. I know this opinion will probably land me in trouble and label me being in league with the 'pre wrath babble' crowd (whoever they may be - haven't a clue, thank goodness)but it just seems logical - considering the signs that are exploding around us. Our eyes must remain on Israel - our sign post.

God Bless