Charles (26 Oct 2014)
"A video the smittah and blood moon seven year cycle"

Found this today. Kind of a second confirmation. The rapture has to be after the smittah since no harvest is allowed during it! So cannot be until Rosh next year! But I think a clue is Jesus said to John what if I tarry! He may until Yom Kipper! I believe the wedding feast may be on Sukkot!

There is the intersection of a smittah seventh year, a blood moon and eclipse, and possibly a jubilee year! Nothing like this tetrad will occur for another several hundred years! The bible says the generation seeing Israel come to be will see all things! God said for signs! His feasts, the signs in Heaven, and on Earth.

If this is the convergence of signs the next year will see the first five seals! How few in the Church are awake! I have no wisdom of myself in the flesh I have been convicted and am shown these connections.

Jesus did not come to coexist but to tear down the veil between man and God the father. He is the door! We must enter through Him.