Charles (26 Oct 2014)
"The word of God will reveal itself if you have an unction of truth"


I read John 3:16 in an NIV and got it I confessed belief expressed my desire to repent and got baptized was born again! But then I noticed something in myself. I was not growing or progressing in my faith or understanding:

I read other versions people recommended and honestly meanings of important passages contridicts  each other. I was confused.

If we all are given power to become the Sons of God through the Holy Spirit why then did my first version say only Son of God? I prayed to Jesus and asked to be shown a version I could read and grow spiritually in. I asked to abide I the word!

I found out something. The King James Version is free to distribute publish use while all other versions are not. Would God allow His spirit filled word to be owned by men?

Do I sometimes read verses in other versions? Yes! Do I compare then to the KJV yes. If there is a contradiction I err on the KJV side.

The KJV was translated by 54 translators I believe under guard so words or meaning were not changed. It was in response to a restricting of the word out of the common people's hands.

I believe it is a spirit filled translation and the only one with a sanction to allow it to be freely distributed. It  

I find if most people look with an unction they will see.

For example:

Mt9:13 KJV says call sinners to repentance!

The newer seeker friendly translations just say sinners? No mentions of turning and repentance just come as you are and believe!

See how this fits the end times lets all just get along agenda!

Lk4:4 man does not live by bread alone but by every word of God.

Newer versions:  man does not live by bread alone! Really no need to repent or abide in the word I see mmmm. No wonder people don't see the contradictions or omissions because they are Shying away from on version the KJV.

I see why I did not grow I was on GMO baby formula and needed steak.

Most are ok with baby milk. No need to repent, to use Jesus gift to become Sons of God, to abide in the word.

Mostly the KJV says believe on. That is a James doer of the word kind of belief where the new translations say believe. No action required huh!

My posting here is not to say hey just read the KJV but since most of us cannot read Greek or the root Hebrew Aramaic it's the closest we have. And I am saying compare and the spirit of truth will lead you to an understanding.

One more big mmmm?

Acts 8:37

If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

In several newer versions this clear verse is omitted why?

Because the new versions are coexist friendly. Where Jesus is not clearly the only way to God through faith in Him as only begotten Son.

Lastly 1st Peter 1:22 says we are saved by obeying the truth in the spirit! The newer most popular pew versions say obey the truth and omit the spirit.

What is the indictment of the end times Church they have the form oh Godliness but not the spirit of power of such.

Read the newer versions read the KJV decide by the spirit:

Jesus is the only way truth and life. And we have an entire generation or two who do not seek to repent to be doers abiding in the word to watch in the spirit and pray because they stop at believe and are fed on baby formula with GMO ingredients.

This is important because when the false prophet does signs and lying wonders and they read Elijah brought fire down instead of by God fire came down you see the issue! I have. If you seek to abide in the word and do not know Greek of Aramaic and compare translations you soon will probably be reading from the KJV.