Cecilia (12 Oct 2014)
"Birth and Return of our Messiah"

Hi John

I just wanted to say a big thank you for hosting Fivedoves. It has been such a blessing to me and a great encouragement to keep on watching and waiting.

I came across this very interesting article in Torahcalendar which I wanted to share with the Doves.  According to their website, Torahcalendar maintains the Hebrew "creation calendar" (lunisolar) based on astronomical data such as eclipses and equinoxes, explained in detail on their website under the section "Calendar Restoration Project".

The article starts off by discussing the birth date of Jesus and goes on to discuss Scriptures which point to His imminent return on the 120th Jubilee, which is also the 6000th creation year.

According to Torahcalendar, this Yom Kippur was the 1st day of the 120th Jubilee year.  In a Jubilee year, Rosh Hashanah "head of the year" (customarily 1 Tishrei) occurs instead on the 1st day of the Jubilee year (i.e. 10 Tishrei = 4/5 October 2014).

Link to calendar: http://torahcalendar.com/Calendar.asp?YM=Y2014M7

Noah entered the ark 7 days before the flood came (Genesis 7:1-4) and a cry came at midnight announcing the return of the Bridegroom to the 10 virgins (Matthew 25:6).

If Rosh Hashanah (which occurs on 10 Tishrei/Yom Kippur because of the Jubilee year) is the day of that warning then the 7 days later is certainly a day to pray and watch for.


Thanks, Cecilia.