Carl Worline (26 Oct 2014)
"A Prophetic Dream About the Rapture???"


Hi everybody,


About a week (or so) ago I prayed to the Lord and told Him that I was a little jealous of those who have had dreams about the rapture and when it might happen.  Back around the first part of November, 2011, I was in the midst of a difficult time in my life and I prayed for a dream about the rapture.  I did receive a dream that I honestly feel was from the Lord, which I posted on line.  The key to the timing of the rapture in this dream was me doing 20 jumping jacks.  The rapture did not happen after 20 days, or 20 weeks, or even 20 months. I was really disappointed, to say the least.


In my most recent prayer I told the Lord that I am not very good at all at solving puzzles.  In fact, I do not like puzzles.  What good is it to give a person pieces of a puzzle if that person cannot make any sense out of it??  Other watchers have received pieces as well – a day of the week, a number, a Bible verse, a word, and so on.  None of these pieces seem to fit or make any sense.  I asked the Lord to give me as plain of an answer as He could.


About this same time I had a dream in which all that I remember was reading on the Hal Lindsey web site that Ben Bradley of the Washington Post had died.  It was significant to me because I am a huge fan of the movie All The President’s Men and of the book by the same title. 


At the time I did not put the dream and the prayer together in my mind.  That was at least a week ago and probably more like two weeks ago.  Tonight I saw on the evening news, and again on the Hal Lindsey web site, that Ben Bradley died yesterday.


Wow. That really gave me goose bumps.  Was the death of Ben Bradley a plain and simple sign that the rapture is imminent???? Was it an answer to my dream???   Deep down in my spirit I really feel that it was.


Carl Worline