Bob Ware (19 Oct 2014)
"Matthew 3:12 is the connecting link between 726 (harpazo) and 666 (Beast)"

The first of the 12 words in the New Testament with an 'original text' gematria of 726 translates to 'gather':
συναγω sunago {soon-ag'-o} from 4862 and 71;; v AV - gather 15, be gathered together 12, gather together 9, come together 6, be gathered 4, be assembled 3, take in 3, misc 10; 62 1) to gather together, to gather 1a) to draw together, collect 1a1) of fishes 1a2) of a net in which they are caught 2) to bring together, assemble, collect 2a) to join together, join in one (those previously separated) 2b) to gather together by convoking 2c) to be gathered i.e. come together, gather, meet 3) to lead with one's self 3a) into one's home, i.e. to receive hospitably, to entertain
An appropriate word to be linked with 'harpazo' by the number 726.
The first appearance of this word is in Matthew 3:12:
        "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire."
The use of 'gather' here could almost be replaced with 'harpazo'.
The verse gematria is 15,085 which equals: 35 x 431. 431 is the 84th prime number, 84 is the gematria of Enoch.
When 15,085 is the circumference of a circle plus the sum of the three perimeters of the: triangle, square and golden rectangle within it, then the radius of that circle is 666!
        Remember, that the perimeter of the golden rectangle within my circle with the 726 hexagon is also 666.
MT 3:12 is the 60th verse of the New Testament. The angle between each point of the hexagon is 60 degrees.
The last two names of the Breastpiece total 726: 395 + 331.
When 15,085 (gematria of MT 3:12) is the area of a circle then:
        the sum of the arcs opposite one side of the: triangle (145), square (109) and golden rectangle short side (77)  is 331
        the sum of the arcs opposite one side of the: triangle (145), square (109) and golden rectangle long side (141) is 395
The perimeter of the triangle is 360 > the number of degrees in a circle!
109 is a number that Clay has connected to grief.
This is too perfect for chance. All of the pieces fit together.