Bob Ware (19 Oct 2014)
"The 7957 New Testament verses in the 726 (Harpazo) Hexagon"

John, I have found more significant numbers in the '727' (Harpazo) Hexagon.
There are 7957 verses in the New Testament.
The total area of the 6 spaces outside of the '726' hexagon is 7957.6.
The starting date at the bottom of the vertical diameter line is 5.29.2014. The end date at the top of the circle is 1.25.2015.
Go back in time 726 inclusive days around the hexagon from 5.29.2014 and it was 6.3.2012 > the day 153 lives were 'caught up, or taken' in the Nigerian plane crash.
Since Strong's Greek word number 726 (harpazo) means 'caught up, or taken', I find this hexagon pattern even more intriguing.
181 is the 6th Star of David number.
6.3.2012 + (5 x 181) days will be 11.25.2014. That will be 3 x 1441 days since Homeland Security started operations.
1441 is the 16th Star of David number.
Since 9.11.2001 was the 1441st day of the current Jewish calendar cycle, I believe that 11.25.2014 may be another day to watch.
- Bob