Bob Ware (12 Oct 2014)
"Strong's Greek roster number for 'CHRIST' (5547) yields 793 (BHO), 3168 and 2015"

726 is Strong's Greek roster number for 'harpazo'. Its meanings: 1) to seize, carry off by force 2) to seize on, claim for one's self eagerly 3) to snatch out or away. It appears in seven books.
I have discovered a symmetrical pattern between the Old and New Testament verse counts in combination with 726. There are a total of seven elements in this symmetrical pattern.
This pattern is absolutely unique. No other number but 726 (harpazo) will generate this symmetry between the Old and New Testaments! This is extremely significant! Unique markers are placed there by God for His purpose.

23,145 Old Testament Verses
    7957 New Testament Verses
793 = English gematria of 'BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'.
        522 is the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Jesus'.
               'Christ' appears in 522 New Testament verses.
                        When 793 is the area of each one-degree segment of a circle (representing the passing of one prophetic day) then each side of the triangle within that circle is 522.
'Christ' is Strong's Greek word number 5547.
        When 5547 is the perimeter of a golden rectangle then its diagonal (and diameter of the circle around it) rounds off to 2015.
                The radius of this circle around this golden rectangle rounds off to 1008.
                        3168 (Greek gematria of 'LORD JESUS CHRIST') divided by Pi rounds off to 1008.
793 is the 12th Star of David and the 654th composite number:
        12 + 654 = 666
Symmetry of seven elements applied to 5547:
        793 + 793 + 793 + 789 + 793 + 793793 = 5547
        The first four elements in this set: 793 + 793 + 793 + 789 = 3168 > the Greek gematria of 'LORD JESUS CHRIST'.
5547 + 1480 ('CHRIST') = 7027.
        When 7027 is the area of a one-degree segment of a circle then its diameter is 1795 > the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Barack Hussein Obama'.
        When each side of a circumscribed square is 793 then the sum of the short and long side of a golden rectangle within the same circle equals the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Lord Jesus Christ' (1544).
        The arc opposite one side of a triangle within this circle plus the arc opposite the short side of the golden rectangle within this circle is 1795.
I keep finding connections between Christ and BHO. I hope this means that Christ will return while Obama is still in office.

I am stunned by your discovery!
Your division of the 31102 verses is simply beautiful; it reveals Jesus as the Messiah.
I will write a post on it later.