Barry Amundsen (26 Oct 2014)
"Encouraging message to us all"

This youtube channel has a series of messages that are given as first person encouragements from God to His people and I believe them. They are so encouraging and line up with many of the exact same kind of encouragements that I have been receiving directly from God's Spirit in recent times. I finally decided to share the one above because I believe that exactly what is said here is how things will play out as far as our individual participation in the soon rapture is concerned. He says that it will be up to our own choice as to whether we are included or not and He wants us to be included. Many seem to want to remain behind for whatever reason and He says they will be granted the choice they make. But God really wants us to be with Him sooner rather than later. Anyway, I wanted to share all of these videos because they are very good. You can go on this channel and let them all play one after another. I don't know who the person is that does these but their channel is called acts217now.