Anthony Mak (19 Oct 2014)
"Former and Latter Rain IN the FIRST MONTH! Thanks to Pat for Isaac Newton's 7th Schemitah!"

The FIRST MONTH started on 25th September and won't end until 24th / 25th October. Some may say the 1st month is Nissan but the real truth is, both Tishri and Nissan are 1st months and nobody knows exactly which "1st month" the Lord is referring to in Joel which He has kept for His own knowledge and purpose only and all for good reason because He has declared that no one will know the exact day or hour ( or even month? ) when He decides to just do it within a split second!

At the rate and speed of things happening around the world and God Himself running out of allowable time for the man on the earth, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh is more likely to be around this Tishri and unless God is stretching His mercy to His own maximum allotted time, it must fall in the month of Nissan 5775 ( April 2015 ) at the latest because by the time the next 1st month arrives, which is Tishri September of 2015, the Jubilee Year is scheduled to follow immediately after it and there would not be enough time for all events, including a possible short Psalm 83 war and the signing of the 7 years covenant with many, which must take place also before the set Jubilee Year ahead. I believe that the last 3 Fall Feasts are reserved for the actual 2nd Coming of Christ WITH His Raptured / Transformed saints to be fulfilled at one stretch, with no breaking of real time in between each other just like the Spring Feasts during His 1st coming on the earth and it should all be wrapped up within the 21 literal days from Rosh Hoshana ( where He comes to destroy the unholy trinity and their armies in one day and ON the very day of Rosh Hoshana itself ) through Yom Kippur where He will be recognized by the whole universe already by that time, including the Jews, and be crowned King of Kings and Lords of Lords on the exact day of Yom Kippur and then, will declare to the whole world and universe that the 1,000 years rule of the earth, with Him as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will officially begin from the 1st day of the Feast of Tabernacles of that particular year. ( which could be in the Gregorian year of  Sept / Oct 2021, which is Jewish year 5782 )

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon ALL FLESH is the SAME event as the Rapture events and will be the raising of the dead in Christ for some, the transformation from mortality to immortality for some, a great separation of wheat and tares, wise and foolish virgins for some  and a most terribly and dreadful day for some as ALL FLESH will feel and experience the Holy Spirit being poured out in their own individual state of hearts, ALL at the same time! And the period of this outpouring will probably last from 40 to 50 days only. After that, the Antichrist and the NWO will begin their own prepared and readied damage control to deceive and subject the whole world to their 7 years of Tribulation / Great Tribulation period.

I had been waiting on the Lord to give more confirmations that the world has indeed entered the final 7th schemitah just before the Jubilee Year and sure enough, apart from the other 3 or 4 sources which I had already taken note of earlier, a most surprising latest one came from Pat with her post about Isaac Newton's 7th Schemitah!! This one really almost seals it up to 99%...imagine, coming from Isaac Newton who actually saw this accurately so long ago but ironically, it was kept "sealed" as well all these while,...until NOW!!  I think he's probably being congratulate now for being right on in paradise! Think about all these carefully and prayerfully, bros and sisters....IF this coming Jubilee Year is not the scheduled one, the next Jubilee Year after this one will be another 49/50 years away!  ( And there won't be anymore blood moon tetrads that falls on exact God's feast days to warn the world and Israel at that time as well unlike this one where EVERYTHING has accumulated to within 2014 / 2015!!! )

Wake up! Sober up! Wise up! Prepare up and Look up! Our Redeemer Draweth Nigh!!! Go and Fervently Tell The World, it doesn't matter whether many will believe us or not, just do it anyway, let God the Holy Spirit worry about convicting them, be it our family and loved ones as well...we may have also run out of time to do it and these last few days or months may be our last chance as well...