Josua (29 Oct 2013)
"Dr. Owuors 2-o-clock vision connected to time-shift next weekend?"


Dear Doves

just a thought regarding Dr. Owuors recent Video:

In this video it seems to me that he points out "2 o clock" (when he woke up from his vision) specifically.
Interestingly enough, next weekend there will be a time-shift in some regions of the world, where the hours changes from 2-o-clock to 1-o-clock (so the hour 2-o-clock will even be repeated in that night!)


Watch & Pray!
YbiC, Josua

PS: I personally think it is strange that the ministry team of Dr. Owuor who seem to record his callings call him "Hello My Lord. Yes my Lord " etc. Surely Dr. Owuor is not "our Lord", but Jesus is our only Lord! Why not just calling him "my dear Brother in Christ"? Doesn't that feel strange to you too? But maybe this is just the African way to express severe respect? Dunno.