Jason Seders (8 Oct 2013)
"The 7 year pattern within the Tetrad"

The Seven Sevens within the Penultimate Tetrad


In reference to C Healy’s 7 years letter of Oct. 6http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/oct2013/chealy106.htm there is indeed a 7 year pattern that has been emerging for quite some time now. In fact, the 2015 blood moon tetrad is the seventh seven in a list that started in 1967 with the recapture of Jerusalem  and the 1967-68 Penultimate Tetrad!


1st 7 = 1973 Yom Kippur War- which just happens to be on the 7th Jewish year (5734) from the date of the recapture of Jerusalem in the Six Day War (5727).


2nd 7 = 1980. The Jerusalem Law was passed in the Knesset declaring Jerusalem as the everlasting capital of Israel.


3rd 7 = 1987. The first Intafada began in December with the Palestinians.


4th 7 = 1994. Over a period of 7 days July 16th thru 22nd, with AV 9th right in the middle of the week, Shoemaker-Levy comet broke into 21 pieces and slammed into Jupiter. Obviously a major warning sign in the heavens from God and possibly elluding to the 21 years remaining until 2015 and Daniels 70th week!


5th 7 = 2001. 9/11 Terrorist attacks.


6th 7 = 2008. Stock Market Crash of September 29th wherein the stocks dropped 777.68 points! Curiously enough it is also the year Obama was elected – a senator from Chicago where the lottery pick 3 the day after he won was 666 and the pick 4 was 7779 (nine is the biblical number of judgement).


7th 7 = 2015 The blood red tetrad moons of Passover/Tabernacles in consecutive years of 2014-2015. There have only been 7 Blood Moon Tetrads between Jesus Christ's first coming and 2013 . Within an 18 month period of those Tetrads something significant happened to the Jews and/or the Church:


(Blood Red Moon Timelines courtesy ofRedMoonRapture.com)


His first coming. 32-33 AD Tetrads – Jesus‘ Crucifixion. Incidently a total solar eclipse fell in between the Tetrads exactly on Passover when Jesus was crucified.Coincidently, in 70 AD a lunar biannual blood moon eclipse happened on Passover and Tabernacles that year when the Jewish Temple was destroyed by Rome.

1.     162-163 AD Tetrads – The height of Jewish and Christian persecution in the Roman Colliseum. Also, the Antonine Plague killed 8 million people and 2 Roman Emperors.

2.     795-96 AD Tetrads – Charlemagne defeats Islam. Beginning of the famous Visigoth campaign to recapture land from muslims and create the muslim/moorish buffer zone in France to defend against muslim attacks.

3.     842-843 AD Tetrads – Rome and Vatican sacked by muslims.

4.     860-861 AD Tetrads – 859 Millions of Christians killed by muslims in N Africa and Spain. 863 Greek-Byzantine victory of Arabs halting Islamic expansion in Europe.

5.     1493-1494 AD Tetrads – The Spanish Inquisition. Columbus discovers America just as Jews are expelled from Spain.

6.     1949-1950. Jewish Independence – Israel „Born in a Day“.

7.     1967-1968. Jerusalem recaptured.


In 2014-2015 The final blood moon Tetrad occurs. There will be no more Tetrads for over 300 years. What is the final Tetrad signaling? His second coming? The beginning of the Tribulation (Daniels 70th week)?


I dont know, but the times are indeed exciting and the signs are everywhere.